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Get Your Free “Marvel Value Stamp Book” @ Participating Retailers

Back in July I shared some news from the Mighty Marvel Comics side of the fence about the return of the “Mighty Marvel Value Stamps” and if you missed that post or are new to our presentations just click on THIS LINK to be more up to speed. Earlier today I was in my local comic book retailer and they had the colorful folder where the collectors could showcase their stamps. I took a few photos of the whole thing to share them with you.

marvel, marvel value stamp book

Once you open the folder you get a summary of the program and an advertisement about the return of “The Phoenix”. Marvel is making a pretty big deal about this and you should watch this section of the website because I will be shining a spotlight on the next round of True Believers comics which will be all focused on The Phoenix character.

marvel, marvel value stamp book
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They’re Back! Marvel Legacy Re-Introduces Marvel Value Stamps

As a part of their “Marvel Legacy”, the House Of Ideas will be bringing back something that is truly a part of their legacy with the “Marvel Value Stamps”. Read on down below for the full press release and know that I will close us out with some additional editorial thoughts.

Original Marvel Value Stamp

The Press Release:
Who saved them? Who clipped them? Who collected them? This fall, the Marvel Universe returns to an untapped corner of its expansive history for MARVEL LEGACY with the return of the Marvel Value Stamps. Just as Marvel Legacy is bridging the past and the future of Marvel’s iconic universe, this nostalgia-based program is designed to appeal not only to core fans, but to give new readers an added extra bonus when they jump in on the start of Marvel Legacy. Comic fans may remember these fondly, while new fans and the uninitiated will be able to enjoy them without destroying their prized possessions!

Inspired by the classic 1970’s program where different stamps could be clipped from the letters page of Marvel books, fans will be able to collect stamps featuring all their favorite Marvel characters. These stamps will be on inserts within the regular cover editions for all first issue Marvel Legacy titles, beginning with titles debuting in October. And a proper homage to these collectible stamps wouldn’t be complete without a collectible stamp album – to be revealed!
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