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Win A Ticket For “I Am: Scarecrow” @ Times Scare On 2/6/2016

It might be winter here in 2016 as our year moves steadily ahead but that doesn’t mean you cannot find a reason to be scared with our latest contest offering. Check out this garish enterprise for free by winning a ticket via this posting. The poster and more information are below so scroll on down…..if you dare.

Poster - I Am Scarecrow

So What Is “I Am Scarecrow”???? Glad you asked, check this out.

“I Am SCARECROW” is a Hard Rock stage performance written, produced and created by SCARECROW lead vocalist John Blaze. The one hour show combines original music as well as some AC/DC, Alice Cooper and Guns and Roses favorites. The stage production has a Zombie Master of Ceremony named Rampart (Played by Hanz) who introduces the SCARECROW (AKA The Butcher Played by John Blaze) and narrates the performance by introducing the various song titles.
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Twisted Sister @ Starland Ballroom

Twisted Sister performs a memorial concert for their late great drummer A.J. Pero.

starland ballroom logo

Twisted Sister Names Mike Portnoy As New Drummer

Back on March 20th, 2015 the Metal World said goodbye to drummer A.J. Pero who passed away of a heart attack while on tour with Adrenaline Mob. PiercingMetal reflected upon that loss in THIS MEMORIAL. Earlier today the members of Twisted Sister released a bit of press announcing Pero’s replacement for their touring obligations and how this will lead to the disbanding of the mighty band. Check that out below along with some photos that I snapped of Mike Portnoy on the drums at other shows.

Logo - Twisted Sister


The Press Copy:
New York, NY (April 8, 2015)—It was with heavy hearts that Twisted Sister said goodbye to their drummer A.J. Pero, who passed away on March 20.
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Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry” – A Growing Metal Appetite @ 30 Years (1984-2014)

It seems like only yesterday that I was raising a pair of horns to the “Stay Hungry” album here as a Music Milestone on the PiercingMetal Blog but wow that was five years ago and here we are at the thirtieth anniversary of the release. I wonder if you diehard fans are still yelling as loud as this album does at this point in time. I know that I cannot muster the strength sometimes so I figure I am not alone but I digress. In the milestone for year 25 I said “Let me hear you say “I’m a sick Mutha F**ka”!!!!” and I know that a handful or more of you just yelled at your computer screen. It’s alright, that is allowed these days. Now since most of my thoughts about the album are exactly the same, I have repurposed my views from the 25th anniversary and added a thought here and there. “Happy Anniversary” to this incredible release.

Historically speaking this is the third full on album by those bad boys of Rock and Roll and I am proud to say that by the time that it was released I was already a fan for a few years. I had picked up a copy of “Ruff Cuts” at the local record shop after seeing them on a late night variety program. I was also one of the select few Rockers in my high school so bands like Twisted Sister would come up in discussion since they were a NYC focused group much like KISS and the NY Dolls were. Anyway, that being said, despite this being the third album, this was the album that truly put Sister on the map. I remember being in my Dad’s car and the popular Rock station started playing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” which immediately got turned up to fifteen (exaggerating) and found me singing along with the oh so catchy chorus only seconds into hearing the tune for the very first time. It was a great time to be a young fan into the Metal and Hard Rock. Now back in this bygone era we also had the power of MTV and they played a LOT of Rock and Metal videos. My family didn’t have it yet in our area so a friend that lived in NJ called me up and pretty much described scene after scene to me so I would get a better idea. When I finally saw the hilarious video I knew in my heart that I was prouder than ever to be a fan of Twisted Sister. I was nineteen years old and a musician who had some rebel against the authority frame of mind in his head and while today that might be a terrible thing, you should know that back then all we did was have Rock and Roll attitude and being steadfast in our plans for greatness. If you were in the same age group as I was back then you will likely know exactly what I am talking about.
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PiercingMetal Goes To The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show (4/1/2012)

venue logos, brooklyn bowl, brooklyn bowl logo

Last Autumn, my good friend and occasional comrade en arms Skeleton Pete hit the Brooklyn Guitar Show that was being hosted by our fellow music scribe Lisa Sharken at the Brooklyn Bowl. We had such a great time and documented the proceedings HERE in case you want to check it out. With that being the case, when Lisa said that they were doing it once again in the Spring we locked it into the schedule to be a part of it.  Come along with us in this blog post so you can see what kind of stuff you missed out on.

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