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Behold: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Official Cinematic Trailer

You might remember this from about a month or so ago when I shared a new press release from Nodding Frog Limited folks about the upcoming Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast mobile game. Well now we have a trailer so check it out along with the copy they sent us media type folks.

Photo - Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast

“IT’S HERE! The big unveiling of our kick ass trailer for Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. Here’s a taste of the story and a look at Eddie as he enters the universe of Legacy of The Beast. (Quick note – as the game’s still under wraps, this is a specially created animated HD trailer built by the development team from in-game models, but not actual game footage).

The story so far…A mysterious force is intent on destroying Eddie, shattering his soul into a million shards. He begins his journey blindsided and stripped of his power, yet still possessing just enough fury to fuel his fight. With each victory, he regains more power and strength, collecting the shards of his soul, supercharging his skills and electrifying his attitude! Bear witness below.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Back then I maintained that this made me think fondly of the “Ed Hunter” CD because it was not only a kick ass greatest hits collection but it had a gaming CD component to it as well. It was a first person shooter like “Doom” but from the looks of the trailer we are in for one massive treat. I’ll keep sharing the updates as I see them and until that time keep checking your Facebook timeline every forty seconds to let us know your every move and taking photos of the food you are eating because you know those friends who hate that stuff need to be kept annoyed. For now I will be honing my skills on the mobile with continued haphazard practice on “Subway Surfer” and “Hungry Shark” and to keep me thinking I have just installed “Bejewelled” and “Scrabble”. Now I will ask again, what do you readers think of this pending development? Will you be keeping some necessary space on your device by limiting your photos of food, drink and the ever prominent selfie? Let us know in the comments section and until we see “Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast” in the Google Play Store (we are Android users here) I leave you with a rousing “Up The Irons”.

Official Website: http://www.ironmaiden.com

Destruction @ The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (3/19/2014)

They are known as one of the “Three Kings Of Teutonic Thrash” and their name is Destruction. Sonically they are a no holds barred assault on the fabric of Heavy Metal music and its been a couple of years since we found them paying our region a visit. Tonight that would end with the band locking in a gig at the still kind of new Marlin Room space in NYC’s Webster Hall. For those who are still curious about this one, its the space on the middle level of the Webster Hall building and it holds about 500 people depending on the setup. Destruction would be bringing along both Krisiun and Widow as their national acts and start the fans off with some talented local support. Click the logo to be brought to the full concert article and the photo galleries. Then do return to this space to enjoy some images from the show that can only be seen here since they are rather exclusive to PiercingMetal’s Blog.

Logo - Destruction

Artist: Destruction
Venue: The Marlin Room at Webster Hall
Opener: Krisiun, Widow
Date: 3/19/2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It’s been a couple of years since the mighty Destruction has been to NYC and if you followed the bands social mediums during that last run you will know full well how that visit was not a good experience for the band. Their founder Schmier publicly lashed out about the bad promoters and venue treatment and in some cases even the fans but that was then and this is now because Destruction was coming back and bringing along the intensity of Krisiun and Widow as their lead off national act. Some dates would feature Exmortus but our Metropolis would find Widow on the bill and I was fine with that as I had wanted to see them for a couple of years now but never got the chance. March Metal Madness was going to be kicked up a notch for sure. Here is how it went down for those who did not attend. The show was held at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall which is a reasonably new space in the massive building and one that holds a couple of hundred more than the downstairs space known as The Studio at Webster Hall. I like its overall spaciousness and there is more room to find a circle pit happening so be aware of that should you be attending a show there. Tonight’s fun would start early and feature two local acts by way of Metalfier and Winter Nights. I’ve seen both bands before and like their spirit for the game and suggest you check them out if the time is there to do so. I walked in when Winter Nights was closing out their set after a fun pregaming time at The 13th Step which is a favorite watering hole for me when hitting this particular venue. Widow hit the stage at 8:30 and this is where I pick up the larger part of my coverage.
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Win To See Destruction @ Webster Hall’s Marlin Room On 3/19/2014

Poster - Destruction at Marlin Room - 2014

The Details: While America has its own Big Four for Thrash Metal, when it comes to the offerings from the German side there are only three titans of Thrash and one of the biggest providers of the craft is very clearly the mighty Destruction. As a matter of fact, the press often lauds them as “One Of The Three Kings of Teutonic Thrash Metal” and this is rightly so because for thirty years now the band has been decimating their fans with intense tunes. Fronted by the mighty Schmier, the band returns to the states after a couple of years with support from Krisiun and Widow. Local support will open all shows and its with great pleasure that I announce this contest that comes care of the Excess DB Entertainment group for our fans as we continue to celebrate March Metal Madness here on PiercingMetal. Read on.
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The End Records Deliver Us “Versatile Digital HIM”

Valentine’s Day might be long over for 2014, but if you have the craving for a little bit of “Love Metal” then have I got a press release for you. It appears as though The End Records have just recently announced that a number of the classic early releases by Finland’s music sensation HIM will be digitally remastered and issued on a number of platforms such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 and more. Check out the official press copy below the logo.

Logo - HIM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (March 5, 2014) – HIM have been a band for 23 years, releasing 8 studio albums to date, of which their 5th album Dark Light was certified gold by the RIAA, making them the first Finnish band to have a gold album in the United States. They have had five of their studio albums verified platinum in Finland with Razorblade Romance being certified double platinum in Finland and platinum in Germany. Needless to say HIM have been a cultural phenomenon in the alternative rock world, now the band is excited to announce their upcoming national US tour running from March 7th to March 25th hitting all key markets along the way.
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Let’s Get Our March Metal Madness On!!!

It’s time my friends.  It’s here once more and I am speaking of nothing less than “March Metal Madness” – Technically speaking its a month just like any other in our NYC Concert Scene but it sure is a lot of fun giving it a grandiose title in terms of the postings that get done here on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal.com.  I’ve decided that with this in mind that I would raise a couple of horns in its direction and get some readers rallying as well.

Logo - MMM

As readers of the site and our various groups of Social Network followers already know, PiercingMetal is all about hitting the shows that the Big Apple hosts AND doing exciting contests for these events whenever the means allow us to do so.  As I glance upon the calendar below I see no less than eight things that are going to keep my time (and yours) occupied.  I wonder what you readers are planning on attending and what shows are sending bursts of excitement through your bones.   Now the new readers might be saying “what is he on about now” and they should know that this visual below is but a small sample of a regional events calendar that has been in place on the PiercingMetal website since Day One.   According to the Metalogical Clock that is just under nine years now and it has served the Metal Community well.  I encourage and welcome bookmarking this and sharing with your peeps.

Photo - Calendar March 2014
Click Calendar To See March Metal Offerings

During “March Metal Madness” my plan is to up the levels of Social Networking fun a little more and while you might be chuckling to yourself thinking that I did this anyway on a daily basis, you can count on even more tweets and Instagrams and postings to our Official Facebook Page. If you are not yet on board with PiercingMetal on any of these yet, please do click and follow along so you don’t miss out on anything that I am serving up.  I’ll be counting on your adventuring with me for sure.  Now let’s cook!!!! (pardon the “Breaking Bad” reference 🙂

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