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Destruction @ The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (3/19/2014)

They are known as one of the “Three Kings Of Teutonic Thrash” and their name is Destruction. Sonically they are a no holds barred assault on the fabric of Heavy Metal music and its been a couple of years since we found them paying our region a visit. Tonight that would end with the band locking in a gig at the still kind of new Marlin Room space in NYC’s Webster Hall. For those who are still curious about this one, its the space on the middle level of the Webster Hall building and it holds about 500 people depending on the setup. Destruction would be bringing along both Krisiun and Widow as their national acts and start the fans off with some talented local support. Click the logo to be brought to the full concert article and the photo galleries. Then do return to this space to enjoy some images from the show that can only be seen here since they are rather exclusive to PiercingMetal’s Blog.

Logo - Destruction

Artist: Destruction
Venue: The Marlin Room at Webster Hall
Opener: Krisiun, Widow
Date: 3/19/2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It’s been a couple of years since the mighty Destruction has been to NYC and if you followed the bands social mediums during that last run you will know full well how that visit was not a good experience for the band. Their founder Schmier publicly lashed out about the bad promoters and venue treatment and in some cases even the fans but that was then and this is now because Destruction was coming back and bringing along the intensity of Krisiun and Widow as their lead off national act. Some dates would feature Exmortus but our Metropolis would find Widow on the bill and I was fine with that as I had wanted to see them for a couple of years now but never got the chance. March Metal Madness was going to be kicked up a notch for sure. Here is how it went down for those who did not attend. The show was held at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall which is a reasonably new space in the massive building and one that holds a couple of hundred more than the downstairs space known as The Studio at Webster Hall. I like its overall spaciousness and there is more room to find a circle pit happening so be aware of that should you be attending a show there. Tonight’s fun would start early and feature two local acts by way of Metalfier and Winter Nights. I’ve seen both bands before and like their spirit for the game and suggest you check them out if the time is there to do so. I walked in when Winter Nights was closing out their set after a fun pregaming time at The 13th Step which is a favorite watering hole for me when hitting this particular venue. Widow hit the stage at 8:30 and this is where I pick up the larger part of my coverage.
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Sound The Alarm! Destruction Is Coming To North America In 2014

Fans of the Teutonic Titans Of Thrash will surely be appeased with the news that Schmier will be bringing Destruction to North America in the tail end of March and while the folks at Homeland Security need not be concerned since it’s not “THAT” kind of Destruction, you can rest assured that our celebration of March Metal Madness will likely be intensified when they stop here in NYC. More from me after the poster and the press release.

The Press Copy:
“Touring to support their 2013 release Spiritual Genocide, German thrash metal institution DESTRUCTION will launch their North American headlining tour on Tuesday, March 18th in Worcester, Massachusetts with direct support from Brazilian death metal kings KRISIUN. Guest openers will be North Carolina metallers WIDOW (March 18th – 24th) and California death thrashers EXMORTUS (March 25th – April 14th).
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Destruction @ Highline Ballroom (5/11/2011)

Logo - Destruction

Artist: Destruction
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Heathen, Warbeast
Date: 5/11/2011
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

New York City are you prepared for the “North American Reckoning” Tour that will once again bring a headlining Destruction to our shores and find them doing this with Heathen and Warbeast as support? If not, then you are surely welcome to stay home with regrets but the rest of us will be thrashing like never before with indulgence. The show was originally scheduled to take place at B.B. King Blues Club up in Times Square but it was moved down to the Highline Ballroom a few months ago. In a sense this was a little better because the open floor area is a little more conducive to “crowd interaction” than we find being the case as their sister venue. Anyway, this tour featured two other monster bands of Thrash and I wanted to see what they were all about as well so I managed to arrive just as Warbeast was hitting the stage. The early start hinted that tonight might be an early night for me but I was totally wrong about that.
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Destruction @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/7/2009)

Destruction are one of the true leaders in no holds barred Thrash Metal so it was great to find the German trio invading the stage B.B. King Blues Club tonight. The show would be my first time ever catching them in concert and that kind of gig is always exciting when its presenting something new to your eyes and ears. Destruction would be touring with both Krisiun and Mantic Ritual as their support so to learn more just scroll on down.

Logo - Destruction

Artist: Destruction
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Krisiun & Mantic Ritual
Date: 4/7/2009
Label: Candlelight Records

Although I have enjoyed almost every release that I get to hear from the band I have never ever seen Destruction in concert before and in most cases it had been the combination of other events happening on the same day or the fact that the band does not get over to these parts as often as the fans might like. Tonight we would rectify this as the guys prepared to lay waste to the stage and bring with them support from Krisiun and Mantic Ritual. Of course I had already caught Krisiun a number of times and learned about the fire of Metal youth from the guys who make up Mantic Ritual a few months ago so based on that I was glad to see this show happening over at Times Square’s favorite Metal venue – B.B. King Blues Club. I arrived nice and early to enjoy all three sets and here is how the night went down for those curious. Mantic Ritual would get it all started.
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“Thrash Anthems” by Destruction

Artist: Destruction
Title: “Thrash Anthems”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 1/23/2007
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Destruction have been giving Metal fans a good Thrashing for over twenty years and now to celebrate their continuation of the process we have a greatest HITS release from them that offers up what the band is most adept at with some levels of difference. For this album, the band decided that instead of simply delivering a comprehensive compilation of their most revered anthems from the back catalog that they would go into the studio once again and re-record these numbers using the newest technology and engineering. The final product will remind the listener why this veteran group is perhaps one of the best in the business of inciting the circle pits in this music’s history. Yes, there are those who found Kreator to be the heavier of the masters from Germany, and there are others who would say that it was definitely Sodom who put the region on the map. Yet I have to assure you that as a band Destruction was exactly what the Thrash Metal genre was defined as (brutal, intense and steadfast in delivery).
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