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“From The Sun, The Wind, The Rain, The Soil” by Mahavatar

Artist: Mahavatar
Title: “From The Sun, The Wind, The Rain, The Soil”
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 8/15/2006
Genre: Gothic World Metal
Rating: 4/5

The band Mahavatar might hail from Brooklyn and NYC but their roots are from a more worldly level with lead singer Lizza Hasan coming from Israel and Karla Williams, Jamaica. The two formed the core writing team that allowed Mahavatar to record their Cruz Del Sur debut Go With The No. The album was loaded with grinding, yet sometimes passionate vocals as well as a lot of crunching guitar work. However for fans of the band in the States it was not an easy album to get a hold of. The band recently signed on to Escapi Music last year and now as a result of their efforts the larger public will get to enjoy this very interesting band. Comparing the two CD’s, every song from “Go With The No” is available on this new release with the addition of another track and its also received a little extra mastering. Having listened to some World Metal a la Orphaned Land (Israel) and Cruachan (Ireland) I was a little surprised to find a limited amount of world sound in their music. Instead there is a Gothic Metal energy ebbing on many of the tracks such as “Open Your Minds” and “Deep Cobble” where Lizza starts soft and ends up growling like the hungriest of Metal wolves. The lyrics are written much like poetic verse and I feel some fans of the band Otep might enjoy this as well but do not expect the thrashing of Otep material in Mahavatar music. Their style is more of a slowly chugging train bringing forth feels of some solid Stoner or Doom Metal acts that have come before them. The line up completing the Mahavatar puzzle is as mentioned Lizza and Karla who are joined by Szymon Rapacz (bass) and Shahar Mintz (guitars). Drums have been recorded by T. Motta and R. Star.
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Tokyo Dragons @ The Continental (11/15/2005): Escapi Music Showcase

Logo - Tokyo Dragons

Artist: Tokyo Dragons
Venue: The Continental (New York, NY)
Opener: Dirty Rig, Mahavatar, Wet Animal
Date: 11/15/2005
Label: Escapi Music

Escapi Music has really been releasing a lot of great music over the past year and those who are watching them will find everything from Heavy Metal (in all its Black, Power and Traditional forms) as well as some gritty Rock & Rollers and Gothic themed outfits. The diversity and difference in many of these artists will totally appeal to the discerning music fan and I myself have found some stand out artists represented. Tonight at a small but popular club – “The Continental” in NYC, Escapi Music would be bringing you the live performances of a handful of their most recent Artists. Tokyo Dragons and Wet Animal would be the main attractions for the night and with each band performing a little over 60 minutes you were able to get more than a great idea as to what would be in store for you on their respective albums. Kicking off the fun would be Mahavatar (a new signing who are set to record) and Dirty Rig (an act whose deal is in the works as you read this). Here is a little bit of information on what went down that night.
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