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Want To See Deicide In Concert In NYC On 11/5/2012?

Poster - Deicide Tour - 2012

There are few bands that bring the intensity and aggression of Death Metal like the mighty Deicide and if you’ve ever seen them in concert before you will surely agree with me on this. Now their fans can rejoice to whatever dark powers they uphold as the band makes a triumphant return to New York City for a gig at the famous B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in Times Square. You can be sure that Deicide will be playing songs from across their deep catalog as well as continuing to support their latest Century Media Records release “To Hell With God” and this NYC show will be supported by Eyes Of The Dead and our own Mahavatar and thanks to the fine folks at B.B. King Blues Club, some PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to see this show for free. There is nothing quite like a free Metal show in my humble opinion.
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Win A Ticket To Mahavatar @ Highline Ballroom

PiercingMetal is giving away some tickets to see the band Mahavatar over at the Highline Ballroom. The giveaway comes care of our friends over at Gotham Rocks. We’re holding this ticket offer on our Official Facebook Page. Please click the embedded image below to participate.

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Music Luminaries Share Their New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012: Part 5

Hey there you are, so very nice to catch you once again. Welcome to the furious fifth installment of these little blog segments as PiercingMetal continues to share with you the New Year’s Metal or Musical Resolutions for 2012 as offered up by some incredibly talented people. I’ve really enjoyed being able to learn what these most Metal mavens have on their minds and judging by the traffic response so have you fine readers back at home. Check these out.

Jack Frost (lead guitarist for Seven Witches): “Well my New Years Metal Rez is I wanna try to continue n make another in ur face record. There’s nothing like haveing fans tell u how much ur music means to them n gets them through the tough times in their lives. And to try to play live more so my son can come n raise his devil horns to me”.

Ronny Munroe (vocals Trans-Siberian Orchestra, former Metal Church/Lillian Axe): “My New Years Resolution is to continue working on being the best father,friend and person I can be and to spread as much happiness as I can to the ones who need it. Corny I know but thats my resolution”.

Jaymz Lennfield (vocals/guitar for Beatallica): “My New Year’s Musical Resolution is to be as focused as ever on being creative, clever, and fun…and if I can’t, then screw it.”
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Orphaned Land @ B.B. King Blues Club (3/8/2010)

Logo - Orphaned Land

Artist: Orphaned Land
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Suidakra, Gwynbleidd
Date: 3/8/2010
Label: Century Media Records

The weekend is almost always sanctuary for the workaday types and those that are entrenched in study. If they are lucky, by the time that it comes around it has given them the escape of a rousing Metal show and this past weekend, as our March Metal Madness began, we surely had our fill because the mighty Kreator performed on Saturday around the corner at the Nokia Theatre while last night was Hammerfall down at The Fillmore. I could think of no better way to prepare oneself for the usual grind and while Monday’s almost always suck when it comes down to it – this would not be the case tonight because down inside the welcoming walls of B.B. King Blues Club, a show of amazing proportions was going to take place. From Israel would come Orphaned Land, a band that while making a couple of appearances at a Prog-Metal festival over the years had never embarked on a lengthy tour of this region and their direct support for this batch of shows would be Germany’s Suidakra. We caught Suidakra once before over at The Highline Ballroom when they appeared for the Pagan Knights tour with Tyr & Alestorm. Starting the evening off for all of the gathering Metal heads would be Brooklyn’s own Gwynbleidd.
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Tokyo Dragons @ Snitch Bar (11/1/2006)

Logo - Tokyo Dragons

Artist: Tokyo Dragons
Venue: Snitch Bar (New York, NY)
Opener: Dirty Rig, Mahavatar
Date: 11/1/2006
Label: Escapi Music

Once again it was CMJ Week in New York (that’s the College Music Journal for those unaware), and it is a week long series of panels and informative gatherings that feature some of the industries top names. In addition to the panels there are great bands allover the City with many venues holding industry showcases to offer you the listener their finest wares. It’s the week where production, management, publicist and performer all mix together as one giant entity and take over in the name of music. Another aspect of CMJ week is the parties and believe me there are a bunch of them. I did not hit any of the panels for there is really no call for me to do so and instead I try to hit some of the showcases and let you know what the scoop is. One of the cool events I was able to attend was The Escapi Music showcase and readers of the site are well aware of the kind of music that they deliver. The label is home to Black Metal stalwarts such as Dragonlord and Hank Shermann’s Force Of Evil who have killer releases on the shelves and they are also the place where you can find remasters of Warrior Soul and Trouble classics.
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