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Wacken Open Air 2021 Announces First Lineup

wacken open air festival 2021

The Press Release:
All 75,000 tickets for W:O:A 2021, which will take place from July 29 to 31 2021, have already been sold! The organizers have now announced the first bands on the festival line-up! Metal fans can look forward to: Judas Priest, Hämatom, Dropkick Murphys, As I Lay Dying, Rose Tattoo, Tarja, Lordi, Death SS, Venom and Moonspell.

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This years Wacken Open Air couldn‘t take place due to the current pandemic. Although it’s much more quiet in the small village Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, the tradition announcing bands for the upcoming edition during the last festival day still remains!
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Lordi @ Stage 48

Mr. Lordi brings a Finnish Monster Mash to life at Stage 48 with support from the local side in Anaka.

Win A Ticket For Lordi @ Stage 48 On 2/23/2017

The Details: New York City are you prepared for a night of monsters unleashed? Are you strong enough of stomach to withstand the terrors from a foreign land? Do you have the stones to stand before the mighty Lordi as he gazes down upon you with intense scrutiny before devouring you whole? If you gave a rousing “YES” to any of these questions, then you are sure going to love the appearance of Lordi as he returns to NYC with a show at the beautiful Stage 48 venue. Thanks to the awesome promoters over at the club, some of the PiercingMetal elite will be able to enjoy this show for absolutely free. It’s time to be afraid of monsters once more. Read on. If you dare……

When and Where: Thursday, February 23th at Stage 48 (605 48th Street, NYC). 6:30 doors 8pm show.

To Participate: It’s been a very long time since Mr. Lordi brought his garish band over to our shores and that means a lot of people might not have had any proper exposure to their brand of musical mayhem. I am going to keep my itinerary to three things and ask you to just line out three reasons that you wish to go to this show. They should be sufficient enough to convince me on why you seek an audience with Mr. Lordi as he doles out the destructive tuneage. As always if you feel like impressing me you can even add a fourth (but no more). Make them good. I’ll be picking from the best submissions and letting them know right under their comment gird yourself for the things that go bump in the night and try your luck at this one. The contest will run until the night before the show or when supplied tickets are all utilized. Please review the guidelines below before entering and if you want to see what you are in store for please click THIS LINK to see some of the photos from earlier appearances.
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Lordi Announces North American “Monstour” For 2017

I was perusing the web looking up some bands that I had not seen in quite a while and ended up on the page for the band Lordi who as luck would have it, had just announced a new and exciting tour for the USA that would be coming in 2017. Considering we are in July at the moment, its hard to even imagine 2017 as something to be paying attention to but there we go. I’ve embedded the bands official statement along with the poster and some biography information since I am sure a lot of you readers do not know what to expect from this particular band. Here we go.

The Statement:
“Ladies and Gentlemen, a long awaited North American tour is now reality!! Lordi Monstour will travel over seas in 2017, starting in Vancouver Canada 2nd of February. Check out the tour dates and join the monstrous party in your city!”
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“Saw 3D” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Saw 3D”
Label: Lionsgate Music
Release Date: 10/25/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

If you are a diehard fan of the horrific films that come bearing the “SAW” moniker then you will certainly be pleased to learn that a 3D film is the next installment of the franchise and sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Being honest, these films are truly not something that I enjoy and they creep the hell out of me like few other things in the genre so I have problems sitting through them. I’m not embarrassed by this of course and proudly admit that a good old fashioned monster movie or an additional chapter maniac slasher featuring Jason, Freddie or Leatherface is more up my alley at the end of the day. This CD release is not so much music from the film as much as it is music inspired by the feature and that is something absolutely anyone can enjoy based on the wealth of difference being offered up. The sixteen tracks present some really interesting and possibly mystery acts to the listener, depending on how much attention they are paying to the underground scene around them and while some bands are cited as major players, there are others who are not mainstream radio fare by any length. We begin the journey with an unreleased track by Saving Abel who falls into the New Era Grunge movement if I had to lock into a specification and it’s not a bad tune at all. I enjoyed the Hinder contribution of “Waking Up The Devil” as I view the band a little higher than I originally did a couple of years ago. For me the first real treat comes via Karnivool who are described as Prog-Rock and yet to me feel more of a Melodic Dark Rock. I’ve seen them live and they are fantastic. Focus your attention on them and be the envy of those you know who feel their always ahead of the game.
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