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Uli Jon Roth & Leslie West @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/31/2012)

Artist: Uli Jon Roth
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Leslie West
Date: 1/31/2012
Label: SPV Records

Tonight was going to be an interesting one to say the least and how could it not be the case when you consider how the great Leslie West from Mountain was going to be sharing the stage with the one and only Uli Jon Roth from the legendary Scorpions. Fans might recall how this pairing was originally supposed to be a part of a “Three Guitar Heroes” triple bill that would also feature Michael Schenker but issues in getting proper transport for the recently operated on West proved to be impossible to secure and found the events postponed. Fast forwarding a few months to where we are now found Schenker on a tour of his own and unable to commit to the original plan for the foreseeable future which left us all with only West and Roth. “Only” I say. Like this is actually a bad thing. For tonight’s show I decided to approach the coverage differently since I was attending the event with my whole cadre of creative support and not only had “Joltin’” Joe Kaufman with me but also the “Stupendous” Skeleton Pete. Each were decade’s long fans of the axe slingers on the stage so I said “let’s all write about this one” and that is what we did. Check out the scoop if you somehow missed out on this incredible night of music.
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Michael Schenker Group @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (6/24/2009)

Michael Schenker was back and do I need to say any more about this?  The guitarist had not been touring to this region for a fTew years and he was finally making the wishes of his many fans come true by doing some dates with his kick ass band.   He would return with singer Gary Barden, and they would be supporting the bands newest CD “In The Midst Of Beauty” at the Blender Theatre in New York City.  It was a night loaded with excellent music and special surprises that no one would soon forget.  To read more just scroll past the bands logo below to see our item.

Logo - MSG

Artist: Michael Schenker Group
Venue: Blender Theater (New York, NY)
Date: 6/24/2009
Label: MVD Audio

For the scores of Michael Schenker Group fans in the USA it seems as though their prayers have been answered as after absence of about five years, the influential axe slinger would again be doing some shows in the region. The last time that I caught him performing was back in 2004 at Mulcahy’s in Long Island, and from there is seemed as though every return engagement would be fraught with mystery, question about whether or not it would take place and eventual cancellation. It became frustrating for the fans of the guitarist who had always stood by him over the years and wondered if the personal demons that seemed to be plaguing him and the tours would be something that they could take for much longer. Fortunately for everyone involved, the musician would get himself together once again and be able to deliver a solid album with “In The Midst Of Beauty”. It was a CD that would reunite him with vocalist Gary Barden, who was the first singer for the Michael Schenker Group, and the guy who had sung on such classic albums as “Michael Schenker Group”, “M.S.G.” and the live effort “One Night At Budokan”. Based on this reunion we had heard reports of the material being focused on the pairs earliest years together and there was not a Metal fan in the club tonight who had any arguments about it. The show would be at the Blender Theater or the Gramercy Theatre, whatever they are officially calling it these days and it would be a sold out show. That’s good because it meant that about 650 fans were in the venue and that is one hell of a welcome back if you asked me. Here is how the night went down for those who might have missed out.
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Mountain: Live Photos @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/29/2005)

Logo - Mountain

Mountain was in NYC dishing out a kick ass Rock show which was documented in full on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy the photos that were taken during this great gig by “Skeleton Pete” Parrella.

mountain, mountain concert photos, leslie west
Mountain by Pete Parrella (2005)

mountain, mountain concert photos, leslie west
Mountain by Pete Parrella (2005)

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Mountain @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/29/2005)

Logo - Mountain

Artist: Mountain
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: The Lizards
Label: Sony Music
Date: 6/29/2005
Genre: Hard Rock

The Legends of Rock music Mountain would be continuing their 35th Anniversary Tour with a stop at the famous B.B. King Blues Club in NYC. Supporting the show this evening would be The Lizards (a band that now features Mike DeMeo from Riot and Bobby Rondinelli from Rainbow/Blue Oyster Cult). Lizards would be featuring tunes from their last year release “Cold Blooded Kings”, and this music will appeal to any fan of Blues oriented Rock and Roll. There was some great Led Zeppelin feel to the piece and I am happy to report that it conveys very well in a live setting. I was able to briefly talk to the band before they went on and was sad to find out that they would only be playing for 45 minutes this evening. Still, despite this dilemma a good 6 tunes would be performed as well as a drum solo from Bobby Rondinelli. Mike’s voice is crystal clear in a performance and given he also plays the keyboards, the music is full at all times during the set. Patrick Klein had a great guitar tone the entire brief set and he is a stylish player who seems to have a very blues based origin. Bassist Randy Pratt holds it all in place and totally surprised me with the skill he demonstrated on harmonica during one of the numbers. Looking on Bobby Rondinelli I can say that he really needs no words. This man is perhaps one of the best Rock drummers in the business today and any day. His legendary work with Rainbow and most recently the Blue Oyster Cult has made him a welcome addition to the Lizards lineup. I am sure that The Lizards are on an even better path of success based on the addition to these two guys. The crowd reception of them was largely positive and that was nice to see since everyone was a diehard Mountain head in the sold out club. Sometimes those types are not too receptive of the opening acts so this was a great sign for me to observe. The Lizards are set to do some opening slots for UFO when the group returns to the States so if you are a fan of this kind of music I advise you check them out as well. You will not be disappointed.

mountain, mountain concert photos, leslie west
Mountain by Pete Parrella (2005)

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