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Scenes from Anime NYC 2021: The Opening Ceremony @Javits Center

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It was exciting to have the Anime NYC Convention back to being a fully in-person event after the 2020 Pandemic Pause. In order to properly deliver some coolness about the event I secured the opening ceremonies for our YouTube Channel.

We ask that our site visitors visit the Official YouTube Channel and give it a subscribe, click the notification bell and “like” and leave comments on the video content so we know you are out there and enjoying this stuff. The more who do it helps broaden the reach of the network.

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Anime NYC 2021 Takes Over The PiercingMetal Instagram

I’ve already mentioned on a number of occasions that I love conventions and especially the ones aimed at my geek interests. Last month I let the New York Comic Con take over the Official PiercingMetal Instagram and I think I posted something like 600+ photos. Now it was time to do a bit of the same for another favorite of mine at the Anime NYC Convention. This convention also went virtual during 2020 and I didn’t get to participate at all based on my just not enjoying the virtual stuff at this point. As I did in October, this notice is to suggest you head over to said Official Instagram and enjoy all the sights and scenes. I really like this event and I am still a bit of a novice when it comes to Anime. Remember to click the “<3" on the images and leave comments for us to know you are out there. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWd5KRZp439/ Site visitors are encouraged to click the heart on the photo and come “Follow” the profile to enjoy all of our other images and adventures. anime nyc, anime nyc logo

Anime NYC 2021 Starts Today @ Javits Center

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The Anime NYC Convention for 2021 begins today and will take over the Javits Center for three full days of Manga-tastic fun and loads of Japanese culture where this medium has come from. The Media High Command HQ of PiercingMetal and Ken Pierce Media have attended this particular convention since its launch in 2017 and we are stoked to be returning once again. If you’ve read the site before today you know full well that we’ve covered the event on all these occasions and loaded up our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube profiles with content related to the happening. Be sure to follow us on those things so we can take you along with us on this years adventure if you are not able to attend.

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So in the past I’ve generally left posts like this locked in terms of leaving any readership comments but this time around it’s open for those who might be planning on attending one or all three days some topical commentary. Heck, you can even let us know how you are finding it all as the event progresses. Remember that you will need to show proof of vaccination with an ID. See you all there 🙂

Official: http://www.animenyc.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/animenyc

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Win A Weekend Pass To Anime NYC 2021

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The Details: After being forced to go virtual for the 2020 event based on the dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic, the Anime NYC convention is back to being an in-person event. For the newbies, this is a five year deep convention that is 100% dedicated to the Pop Culture phenomenon of Anime, Manga and other related Japanese entertainment. It runs for three days at the spacious Javits Center and brings together all of the mediums fans in one place. We hope that by now you are following the Official PiercingMetal Instagram because I’ve let the cosplays from this event and some others take over the profile when this is running and you know I love supporting amazing cosplayers. Now, for the third time for this event thanks to the fine folks at Leftfield Media, my convention minded Anime friends will have the chance to win a Weekend Pass to the convention and this means ALL THREE DAYS of it. I’m excited to be doing giveaways once again and reaching for the brass ring of our next milestone so read on down below on how to participate. There are some different but very important guidelines to be aware of before you attend and even enter this contest. You should read THIS POST which outlines some of the vaccination protocols from Leftfield Media.

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Anime NYC Reveals Official 2021 Event Poster

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Hey my friends out there in the Mangaverse, I’m here with a very quick broadcast and now I also wonder if that’s a title I should actually coin since I wrote it down. So as you might expect, the excitement is at an all time high with the news that the Anime NYC convention will return as an in-person event at the Javits Center after being forced to go virtual because of the pandemic back in 2020. I’m here today to help showcase the Official Event Poster and voila, here it is……(queue dramatic music).

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