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No Quarter Brings The Led Zeppelin Experience To Various Cities

The paint is still pretty wet on our brand-new shiny New Year 2019 but that doesn’t mean that the touring news will slow down at all. Yes my friends, one of the things you will be doing nice and early for your entertainment list is to get the Led out! I’m talking about the Led Zeppelin Experience known as No Quarter. Check out this update down below.

no quarter

The Press Release:
No Quarter — the tribute band that proudly presents the live Led Zeppelin experience – will kick off 2019 with the “Good Times In 2019” Northeast Tour.

For over 15 years, No Quarter has captivated fans nationally and internationally with their authentic representation of the classic Led Zeppelin live set. Honoring the music and the men who made it, No Quarter set the time machine squarely to the 1970s, bringing the magic of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham to a new generation.

In fact, when John Paul Jones met his “counterpart” bassist Chad McMurray and was shown a photo of No Quarter, he was so struck by the likeness, he exclaimed “that’s scary….As long as you’re doing it, means we don’t have to.”
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Zepparella @ Knitting Factory

Zepparella is an all-female tribute to Led Zeppelin and tonight they will be performing at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory.

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Lez Zeppelin @ J&R Music World (4/16/2011)

Logo - Lez Zeppelin

Artist: Lez Zeppelin
Venue: J&R Music World (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/16/2011
Label: Pie Records

It was that time of the musical year again as Record Store Day hit the region with a melodic force of nature. I present it like this because while this is always an event to remember, the weather outside was doing its best to keep the adventurous gormandizer far away from the racks at J&R Music World. It would clearly have to do a lot worse to stop those kind of folks from taking advantage of the discounts at this store and to prevent them from enjoying some free music courtesy of the band Lez Zeppelin. In order to celebrate Record Store Day, the ladies would be doing a special acoustic set of Zeppelin classics and also giving people a chance to pick up their sophomore album “Lez Zeppelin I” and get it signed if they had such interest.
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“24/7/365: The Tribute To Led Zeppelin” by Frankie Banali & Friends

Artist: Frankie Banali & Friends
Title: “24/7/365: The Tribute To Led Zeppelin”
Label: MVD Audio
Release Date: 9/18/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

When one considers the legendary status that Led Zeppelin holds in the annals of Rock Music history they are reminded of how the group not only effectively created a genre but how they also set the guidelines to follow for decades to come. With that being said – anyone who undertakes a tribute album of their music knows full well that it needs to be done not only with the proper levels of respect, but also needs to be something that the listener can get through in one sitting without lambasting the artist who did it. Drummer Frankie Banali, most noted for his work in both Quiet Riot and W.A.S.P. has taken this project and the reservations people might have had about it very serious and the end result is a very interesting album to listen to. It was a heartfelt mission of the drummer who had long been inspired by the band and Mr. John Henry Bonham to do this properly and for the project he would assemble different singers and guitarists from across the Hard Rock scene. If you had ever heard Banali perform over the years then you would instantly recognize many feels and grooves that come from the influence of Bonzo. So how does this come off as a finished product well it very simply is one of the better tribute releases on the market based on how pure and dead on the overall musical output sounds. Having grown up musically in the big eighties I really enjoyed hearing many of the era’s luminaries trying their luck at singing the Zeppelin classics. Glenn Hughes is probably the most legendary voice on the album and one of Banali’s favorite singers of all time but I admit that I enjoyed Don Dokken and Robin McCauley’s takes on “Kashmir” and “Out On The Tiles” most of all.
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“Great Zeppelin: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin” by Great White

Artist: Great White
Title: “Great Zeppelin – A Tribute To Led Zeppelin”
Label: Deadline Records
Release Date: 3/16/1999
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Thanks to all of the reunion discussions and anniversary releases that have been surrounding the legendary Led Zeppelin of late, I was moved to dig through my CD collection and give this gem of a live recording by eighties Blues Rock masters Great White another listen. In the bands earliest days they were one of the many groups who would earn their salt by doing Led Zeppelin covers as a part of their set and these songs were intermingled with their own originals. There aren’t many bands from this time period that can say different because that is very simply the thing that you did as an up and comer back in the day. The critical difference that is very clearly presented here is that Great White was able to pull it off with dead on clarity and resemblance to the original group in terms of the vocals and the instrumentation in the live sense. The concert presented on this CD was recorded in front of a sold out Galaxy Concert Theatre in California on 12/96 and it captures every moment so well that if you played it at the proper volume you would feel as though you were there yourself or that they band was in your home. The key appeal of this release as opposed to the many that would eventually follow it was that Great White sticks so close to the originals and there is very little deviation from that which we all know from the original studio recordings. While Plant’s own voice is unique on its own there are times were Jack Russell gets the note and phrasing so perfectly that if you closed your eyes you would think that it was Plant. Since this is an audio and not a video you really don’t need to close your eyes at all so keep them opened and enjoy yourself. The guitar playing of Mark Kendall is spot on as is the same case with all of the other members and together they deliver a lot of numbers that Led Zeppelin did not always deliver in concert themselves when they toured.
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