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Today: KISS Expo 2016 @ Bridgewater Hotel

Perhaps the NY Comic Con is not something that remotely interests you and you like to keep your spare time to more music themed events. If that is the case for you then let me announce that today is going to be the KISS Expo over at the Bridgeview Hotel in Somerset, NJ. Check out the poster since its pretty informative.


PiercingMetal Thoughts: I need to keep this soapbox very brief since I am hitting the bed before doing my last day at NY Comic Con. Since its the Sunday part of the event its the Family Day and that means a TON of little ones running around so you have to be on your wits to not trample anyone while you explore the expo floor. So yeah while its very apparent that we love the all mighty KISS here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ I have to say that once NYCC begins I am all in for that event and the happenings around me. Let me know if you plan on hitting the KISS Expo and what we might have missed out on by posting a comment here or in the Facebook Page for PiercingMetal.com – See you next time.

Official Website: http://njkissexpo.com/

Reflections & Photos From KISS Expos Past (2002-2004)

And now a little rewind for you…

kiss expo

KISS seems to be getting more attention than ever thanks to their smoking new CD “Sonic Boom”, the “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” TV show and the always rousing concerts that they do for sold out audiences worldwide.  With this being the case, I felt that I should go back into my personal archives and add some fun never before seen images to the PiercingMetal Blog so the readers of our adventures can enjoy them in terms of some KISS related fun.  After all, they do no real good by being in a random folder on a hard drive only seen once in a blue moon by the occasional curious visitor to the Metal command center.

That being said, this little side story is not about KISS themselves but more about an event that was called the NY/NJ KISS Expo.  It was an annual affair that was put together by Richie Ranno (of the band Starz) and was the means for those who sold KISS memorabilia and those who collected it to mingle together along with musicians that had some part of their history connected with KISS or were just interested in being a part of the fun.  My friends had been going to this convention for years already but my first go round would be in 2002 but I could not find any photos outside of the scanned ticket below.

kiss expo
KISS Expo 2002: Your Ticket To KISS Purchases

This event was in Hackensack, NJ and only $16 bucks to get in.  That was cool to know since you would end up spending hundreds more in terms of KISS things you might have had interest in.  If I manage to find any photos from that event I will edit the narrative to allow them to fit in.  So far there seems to be only one which you get below.
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