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Ken Pierce Media Celebrates Its First Anniversary

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Greetings Legions, I just wanted to take a moment out of the usual publishing regimen to share some cool news with you. You might recall my mention of having created a unified web-presence for my creative work with the Ken Pierce Media branding and I am happy to let you know that this angle is now one year old. I discussed some of what’s happened and what is to come in a blog post that you can find HERE and I think you will find it interesting. This is also the very first time that I have celebrated a first anniversary for the family of websites.

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The PiercingMetal and Ghost Cult Magazine “Quarantine Scene” Chat (4/4/2020)

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I guess it was about a month ago when I shared a couple of clips that were recorded from Facebook Live chats on our Official YouTube Channel. These were done primarily to check in on our readership and keep them entertained during this Coronavirus Pandemic isolation that we are all in. I’ve got to be honest with you that a large part of it was to also distract me from the uncertainty we are waking up to every single day. You can check those clips out by clicking HERE and HERE as it will be a nice distraction from the political press conferences that seem to be happening at all times. This next clip is somewhat different and comes care of our friends at the Ghost Cult Magazine. Take a look.

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PiercingMetal’s Quarantine Check In During Coronavirus Pandemic (3/30/2020)

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About a week or so ago, I decided to do a sort of “fireside chat” with the fans of PiercingMetal via a Facebook Live stream on the sites Official Page (linked below for later reference). I’m new to such a practice as I’d usually only showcase a concert or convention that I was attending via this method but with the Coronavirus Pandemic now apparently in full sway, it was time to employ some tools differently. Much like the clip discussed HERE, this one was also uploaded to our Official YouTube Channel to generate additional traffic there. Please enjoy this candid chat from me to you.

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PiercingMetal’s Quarantine Check In During Coronavirus Pandemic (3/23/2020)

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Its been a couple of weeks since the world around us had been put on hold based on the growing concerns around this Coronavirus Pandemic and since the initial reporting about it, everyone is on edge. Concerts and conventions and tours for the months to come have all been postponed and the outlook is uncertain. Recently, I took to the websites Official Facebook for a live check in session that I uploaded to our YouTube Channel for good measure. That candid conversation I had with viewers is below.

About The Clip: PiercingMetal Founder and Editor In Chief Ken Pierce checks in on the friends and fans of the website and its social mediums via a Facebook Livecast. Recorded live from the Media Command HQ using the laptop, this was a bare bones “hello and how are you doing” amid the growing Coronavirus Pandemic. As expected, KP is self-quarantining based on the instructions from NYC legislators. This clip was added to our Channel to broaden the content base. More videos might come during this questionable time. #Staytuned #stayhealthy #stayinside #washyourhands

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you might have surmised, I loaded the YouTube version of this clip instead of the one from Facebook Live since right now its more important to me to build up our Channel following and content than it is to direct you to Facebook. Truth be told, this was very bare bones and something that I didn’t even really wish to do but felt it was important to check on our readers and see where they were “at” with this new state of affairs. I do hope you enjoyed it and please be sure to click over to YouTube where you can “like” the video and subscribe to the Official Channel. I’m considering doing some more clips of this nature and as they are unscripted who knows what the topic will be. See you next time.

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The PiercingKen Blog Is Officially Five Years Old!

Hey there loyal readers. I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that today marks the 5th Anniversary of my Lifestyle Blog, “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen”. For the new visitor, this website was launched to be my “everything else” home on the web and gives me the means to share the other things that I see as a NYC resident and explorer. There is food, fashion, art, music and tourism and I’m quite proud of it because it let’s me show off just how cool living in the Big Apple is. Click the image below to be brought over to the website and see what has been going on over on that side of the creative fence.

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