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Toasting Four Years Of “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen.com” (2010-2014)


Now that PiercingMetal.com has been online for nine years, I wanted to take a moment and share the news about my side blog “PiercingKen.com” attaining its own fantastic fourth anniversary. My longer termed readers already know about this site but for those new to the program let me explain just a little bit about it so you are right up to speed with the rest. PiercingKen.com is what amounts to being my slice of life blog that let’s me explore other worlds of photography and ideas that come to my mind across a wide and very varied subject matter. I realize that this is a little vague so I will continue after the photograph.

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Celebrating Ten Year’s Of Music Journalism (9/20/2003-9/20/2013)

Before I begin this little reflection I should make clear that it is NOT the celebration of a PiercingMetal anniversary at all that I am speaking of and is instead more of a personal one because believe it or not, I have been a music journalist for ten years effective today. I can hardly believe that it’s been that long already but let’s get down to the story which begins on September 7th in 2003 when the band Nightwish was making their very first NYC appearance at L’Amour’s in Brooklyn.


Now I had been listening to Nightwish for a little over a year when this was happening and I was finding great appeal in the music that was coming from this part of the world. I grabbed tickets and headed to the show with some friends that I had convinced to join in and take a chance on something that was relatively new in these parts and I kid you not when I expected to find a bare sampling of fans in place upon arrival. I could not have been more wrong as there was a throng of attendees and people dying for tickets to get in. I’m not going into much about the show here but will stress that it blew me away and impressed me at the openness to stuff that was not from around here in any sense of the word. After the show I wrote to the Bravewords.com site, as I read them almost daily and enjoyed their reports about Metal that I never envisioned heading our way back in 2003 and since there was an email address to reach them on I figured letting them know about the show would be cool to do. This was a fan note and since I was still new to the band and their music to our scene I had a lot of mistakes in some of the details. It happens and let’s face it, researching bands of this kind was not as simple as it is nowadays. A day or two passed after Bravewords posted my little paragraph and I booted up the PC after work and found the following (slightly appended for brevity) email message.
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