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Roadrunner Records Presents: Dream Theater “The Spirit Carries On” (Part Three)

Hey there, and I am back with the final chapter of the three-part series from Dream Theater called “The Spirit Carries On”. It posted yesterday but I was a tad busy and not online to put it up until now. Anyway, the rest of this can be enjoyed below.

About The Clip: Dream Theater continues their search for a new drummer. In this episode see Aquiles Priester and Peter Wildoer auditions and the grand moment you have been waiting for. Dream Theater’s new drummer is…..

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So there you have it. The brand new drummer of Dream Theater is Mike Mangini. As I said way back (a few days ago) with Chapter One, I was pretty sure it was going to be him anyway. Despite being a fan of many of the others that auditioned, I feel that Mangini has the level of excitement that DT needs to pick up the pieces and move on from in the best fashion. Good luck Mike, I look forward to seeing you in concert and also seeing what kind of monster kit that you introduce to the bands shows. What did you think of this little video mini-series? Do you enjoy when bands do this sort of thing and bring us right into the process with them? I have to admit that I rather liked it and would be interested in sharing such series in the future as we are made aware of them. Please let me know what you think down in the comments area below.

Official Website: http://www.dreamtheater.net

Roadrunner Records Presents: Dream Theater “The Spirit Carries On” (Part Two)

I’m just going to let the official overview of the second part of the series do it’s talking but since the band revealed the full “7” musicians trying out I will add that in right later on. Let’s get onto the scoop about part two shall we?

About The Clip: The search continues as Dream Theater auditions more of the worlds best drummers. In this episode see Derek Roddy, Marco Minnemann, Thomas Lang and Virgil Donati behind the kit. Please note that during Derek Roddy’s audition we experienced some technical difficulties. We only picked up sound from the camera mics. We apologize profusely!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So of course you already know who is in this clip but here are the bands that all of them have some experience in. They are Aquiles Priester (Angra, Paul Di’anno), Peter Wildoer (Darkane), Marco Minnemann (Kreator, Necrophagist, Ephel Duath, Joe Satriani), Virgil Donati (Planet X, Seven The Hardway), Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal, Nile, Today Is The Day), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator), Thomas Lang (John Wetton, Robert Fripp, Glenn Hughes). Of the group, Derek was the youngest at 36 while Donati the oldest at 52. Age has nothing to do with the level of skill and presentation of course but that’s just my three cents. Now my humble opinion on this grouping is that Minnemann was the one who was the most stand out in terms of the kind of music that DT is playing. The others either made a quick mistake here and there or did some interpretation of the material that would not lock into the proper place in the minds of longtime fans. As I’ve noted already I was backing Mangini but after seeing this installment I am thinking that Marco might actually beat him to the punch. The others are terrific too but I am not of the mind that DT wants to go too far left of center from what they with Mike Portnoy. What do you think? You can add your own opinion to these blog posts down below.

Official Website: http://www.dreamtheater.net

Roadrunner Records Presents: Dream Theater “The Spirit Carries On” (Part One)

As we shared back in September of last year, Dream Theater’s founding drummer Mike Portnoy had quit the band and now they share a video series from an exhausting search that featured “7” of the world’s greatest drummers. The official low down on the clip is below and then you can sit back, relax and watch the interesting proceedings.

About The Clip: September 2010: Progressive titans Dream Theater were ready to work on their new album when the unthinkable happened. Their drummer and close friend, Mike Portnoy, left the band. Floored, the band invited 7 of the worlds greatest drummers to try out and documented all of the auditions. Enjoy the first episode of the three part series.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I really don’t want to add too much editorial opinion to this series since it’s a new sort of thing to be sharing with the readers of the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. I do like that I get the means to do this sort of thing a little easier than the hard coding of the HTML review pages but I digress. As far as this short film goes, I did think that this was cool and that right out of the gate that Mike Mangini showed off some SUPERB chops. He also was the only drummer in the feature which makes me wonder how much higher in the running he actually is. I loved the big kit that he used and will be pulling for him over most of the others. No offense to them all. What did you think? Let us know down below.

Official Website: http://www.dreamtheater.net

Holy Mackerel – Mike Portnoy Has Quit Dream Theater!!!

Logo - Dream Theater

When I read this news on the Bravewords.com site I had to check and first make sure that I was not dreaming and then when that was done had to make sure that I didn’t ingest anything strange with the coffee I was now drinking to better process the information.  I also took a couple of days to post anything because I didn’t want to be one of  “those sites” that posts information at the very second it happens and finds themselves in trouble for doing so by angry managers and record label publicists.    I find that those entities are not always fun to work with so why do anything that makes them keep a target on your brand name right?  So anyway, here is the big dramatic news that I was getting at – founding member and drummer for the Progressive Metal titans Dream Theater has quit the band!!!!  Gosh I hope you were sitting because I don’t want any of my readers injured at any disclosures I make here on the sites official Blog.

Mike Portnoy in Dream Theater (2007)

It was however based on events such as this that I decided to use the sites blog as a little bit more of an Editorial tool as opposed to just feeding the readers review content and photographs than I had in the past.  I think when it comes to these kind of band shattering news items that it works out very well.  So where were we?  Oh yes.  Mike Portnoy has left the ranks of Dream Theater.   Pretty shocking right?  I mean this is a dude who helped to form the band back in 1985 and has been at the forefront of their public activities ever since.   Here’s what was reported to the world in case you missed any of the mass postings about the news.

Mike Portnoy in Dream Theater (2005)

Earlier in the year Mike had filled in on drums with Avenged Sevenfold as their drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan had died in 2009.  After a few months of slamming down the drums with this exciting Metal band Mike made statements how while he was totally committed to Dream Theater, he would be filling in with Avenged at the close of the year.  Of course that brings us to the dramatic news about his departure.  The musician said in some postings how he had suggested that Dream Theater take some time off and recharge the musical batteries.  Let’s face it, each of the players in the band has a side project of some kind and its something that would have been totally doable.  In Portnoy’s eyes this was something that would have given fans a bigger and better Dream Theater who would be coming back to action after rest and creativity.  He was wrong, the band said “no thanks” to a break and at that point he decided to step down.

Mike Portnoy in Dream Theater (2007)

Having seen Portnoy in action with Dream Theater a few times I have to say that I feel bad that events turned out this way for him.  He made a choice that he felt would be best for the project on the whole and was outvoted and as he said, he had no other choice but to step down.  He is always an active person if you have not been aware of his many side projects or drum clinic appearances but this has to be a move that he will regret sooner than later.  Dream Theater is already doing the open casting for the role and while they might be able to get another solid player, I am hard pressed to think that they will find someone who is as passionate and as enthusiastic about the band as he was.  To many fans, Mike Portnoy WAS Dream Theater’s most visible member.  His was the voice we all heard and I don’t mean this in the singing area.

We know he will land on his feet and we wish him well.  If you learn of any of his projects doing regional appearances be sure to go out and support him even if you didn’t agree with this incredibly major career move.  Good luck Mike.  We shall be watching your Official site and Twitter account for sure.

Official Site: http://mikeportnoy.com
Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikeportnoy
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikeportnoyofficial

“Black Clouds & Silver Linings” (Deluxe Edition) by Dream Theater

Artist: Dream Theater
Title: “Black Clouds & Silver Linings” (Deluxe Edition)
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 6/23/2009
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

For their tenth studio album and second on the Roadrunner Records label, the mighty Progressive Metal giant that is Dream Theater show no sign of slowing down with their latest release “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”. For the release like many of its predecessors, they continue the trend of offering fans a number of different types to buy which include a standard jewel case edition, a super premium release with a DVD that offers video clips of them recording the album and a deluxe edition that comes with three CD’s. We opted for the 3 CD version as it seemed to offer more bang for the buck and this one finds the full new album, a second CD of interesting covers as interpreted by the band along with a third disc that presents instrumental tracks of the first CD. The massive scope of the piece finds me needing to break them down one by one and we begin with the primary focus – the bands stunning new recording “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”.
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