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Metallica TV Presents: “Man UNkind” (Official Video)

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Continuing on with the presentations of the Metallica videos from the rapidly approaching new album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” we are up to the sixth one of the whole batch with “Man Unkind” which an interesting video as we see a clear Black Metal band on the stage while the music of Metallica is playing. This clip comes care of Jonas Akerlund.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Before I give a summary here, no that is NOT Metallica on the stage but is instead the first look at what Mayhem will look like in the “Lords Of Chaos” film by the same director. The tune is a solid one but it was weird for me seeing the visage of Dead and Euronymous with Metallica music behind them. Perhaps a heavier, faster number should have been chosen. I still enjoyed the tune and loved seeing Metallica’s name written as a Black Metal band might have done it. Hopefully this inspires some additional curiosity about the “LOC” film when it heads our way. What did you think? Chime in down in the comments.

Official Website: http://www.metallica.com

Metallica To Release Videos For All Songs From “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” Starting Noon Today!

I seem to be doing a whole lot of Metallica related news items over these past few weeks and even more now that the brand new album is heading our way. I don’t mind of course since its Metallica and the new songs sound so damned good. Check out this press release about their latest plans and then I’ll return with some closing thoughts.

Logo - Metallica

The Press Release:
In an unprecedented move for Metallica, the band will release music videos for each song from their forthcoming album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct starting today at 12:00 PM EST on www.metallica.com and simultaneously with editorial partners around the world for every two hours. New songs and their videos will premiere right up to when the clock turns over at midnight in New Zealand, where the first official copy of the new album will be available worldwide. The videos – shot around the globe – will give fans the opportunity to hear the long awaited Metallica album two days ahead of its official November 18th release via Blackened Recordings.

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