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Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti”; A Milestone of Milestones @ 40 Years (1975-2015)

Today is the fortieth anniversary of a milestone album among milestone albums as we raise a glass in honor of Led Zeppelin’s sixth record “Physical Graffiti”. Where were you on this day back in 1975? I was ten and can admit that Led Zep music was still pretty far away from my own focus and I was instead paying more attention to the never ending reruns of “Batman” and the much loved Monster Week or Science Fiction/Planet Of The Apes week on the 4:30 Movie. However with that being said when I was finally indulging into music I would get a healthy education from this particular Zep issue and their seminal “Led Zeppelin IV” as well. Historically speaking this has remained one of my personal favorites from the bands catalog based on just how many songs that I enjoy from it and still do. When it was being recorded, it seemed that Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham had too many songs for one single LP and that would lead to the release of this double vinyl that we have been worshipping as fans of music for so very long.
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Them Crooked Vultures: Live Photos @ Roseland Ballroom (2/8/2010)

Logo - Them Crooked Vultures

We recently hit the NYC appearance of the Hard Rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures when they played the famous Roseland Ballroom. The show was documented in full on THIS LINK and now its time to enjoy the full gallery of photos that we secured.

them crooked vultures, them crooked vultures photos, interscope records artists
Them Crooked Vultures (2010) by Ken Pierce

them crooked vultures, them crooked vultures photos, interscope records artists
Them Crooked Vultures (2010) by Ken Pierce

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Them Crooked Vultures @ Roseland Ballroom (2/8/2010)

Logo - Them Crooked Vultures

Artist: Them Crooked Vultures
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: The Brought Low
Date: 2/8/2010
Label: Interscope Records

You’ve most likely heard about the super group that’s been assembled by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters recently, and if you are still unaware of what I am referring to then let me get you up to speed. According to research the little project actually had its first mention in an interview with Grohl back in 2005 but would not come to fruition until 2009. I guess it was okay to wait for this because the band places his drumming talents alongside guitarist/singer Josh Homme from the Queens Of The Stone Age and on bass none other than John Paul Jones who played with that little outfit we call Led Zeppelin. Musically this is an enterprise that has a lot of potential and while the band performed in NYC once before back in November, I was unable to attend that show and instead would be seeing it for the first time myself this evening. That show sold out and oddly enough there was no album to sell to the fans and yet they all came in droves. That was pretty cool to learn about and since that time the guys have released their debut and self-titled album so I anticipated this evening’s show selling out as well. Here is how the night went down for those who didn’t join in on the fun.
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“The Song Remains The Same” (remaster) by Led Zeppelin

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: “The Song Remains The Same” (remaster)
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Release Date: 12/11/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 5/5

Their accomplishments in music are as legendary as that of The Beatles and while the Liverpool Lads are often credited as being one of the founding fathers of how Rock music would be delivered for decades, the guys in Led Zeppelin are also granted this esteemed honor. Of course, the music of Led Zeppelin was very heavily rooted in the Blues of the past and when combined with the electrifying talents of the members delivered some of the most extraordinary Heavy Rock that music history would ever experience. Musically their songs have remained relevant since their inception as it was just that good and innovative for its time, and as result the band stands forever as icons of the genre. They have a level of influence that resonates on bands of decades past and even more so in those that are forming and performing today. It’s quite staggering when one views this level of impact on a music scene for no matter how different the bands might be there are always those little tastes of what Led Zeppelin first brought to the table. The bands live concerts were considered monumental events and the film “The Song Remains The Same” captured portions of a three night stint at New York City’s Madison Square Garden back in 1973. The original release year of the album for this film would be in 1976 and the group continually spoke against it, refused to recognize it as a true representation of their band in concert, and instead felt this was more the soundtrack to the film that bore the same name. Of course the fans disagree as is expected and many refer to this as an incredible album that must be played from beginning to end. Despite having four sides of vinyl to enjoy the initial release featured only nine songs but now thanks to the magic of available CD space the remaster and reissue of the album features the full recorded performance of fifteen songs. It’s also been cleaned up and sonically upgraded which made this something I was really looking forward to. I only owned the original vinyl when a friend passed on his copy of the record when he decided his was too worn out. To me it was still playable, but not very much so.
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“Mothership: The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin” by Led Zeppelin

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: “Mothership: The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin” – (remastered/limited edition)
Label: Atlantic Records
Release Date: 11/13/2007
Genre: Hard Rock/Blues Rock
Rating: 5/5

“Mothership: The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin” is the first-ever compilation that celebrates the music of the legendary group across the span of two CD’s and its presented twenty four tracks were hand picked by the band members themselves. With the likes of Plant, Page and Jones doing the song selections you would expect it to contain the literal cream of the crop from their back catalog and perhaps even include their own favorite numbers somewhere in the mix. Obviously a band like Led Zeppelin has a lot of great songs and each of them mean something to everyone who has ever been a fan and even though the release manages to cover a lot of ground there are several tracks of note missing from it. Despite this you cannot find fault in it for it seems to include all of the signature and staple numbers without any doubt. We find our “Immigrant Song”, “Communication Breakdown”, “Black Dog” and the venerated “Stairway To Heaven” to enjoy and while songs like “Livin’ Lovin’ Maid (She’s Just A Woman) and “In The Light” or “In My Time Of Dying” might not be here I am sure they were only left off to keep the release at two CD’s as opposed to three or four.
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