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Long Branch Records Signs A Pale Horse Named Death

We’ve recently learned about some doings in the camp of Brooklyn’s own A Pale Horse Named Death so if you are a fan of their sonic output, please read on down below.

The Press Release:
We are pleased to announce that A Pale Horse Named Death re-signed an international deal with SPV. New music is expected to be released in Fall 2018 via the record companies Long Branch Records imprint.

The band led by founding Type O Negative and Life of Agony member Sal Abruscato released their debut “And Hell Will Follow Me” in 2011 and firmly implanted their roots in the metal scene with the sophomore album “Lay My Soul to Waste” in 2013. Both albums have been selected as part of the Revolver Magazine Top 20 Albums of the Year list in the year of its release.

A Pale Horse Named Death by Sandi Murphy

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“Fear No Evil” (Ultimate Collector’s Edition) by Doro

Artist: Doro
Title: “Fear No Evil” (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: 8/17/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Attention armies that serve proudly under the true Metal Queen Doro. The time has come to “Fear No Evil” once again as the powers of the AFM Records union have unleashed unto the faithful an Ultimate Collectors Edition of the release and it is LOADED with extra music and goodies. Having reviewed the release when it first came out, I modified my text ever so slightly about the album to be more on point with this one, and then I added views about the other parts of this giant collectible.

You have to give her credit, because Doro Pesch, Metal’s true reigning queen is certainly someone who keeps herself busy and is always releasing new music or videos for her fans and playing shows in whatever region she can get the schedule set up for. The latest weapon in the arsenal of the Queen comes by way of “Fear No Evil” which amounts to her eleventh album as a solo artist on top of all the releases she did with Warlock. Musically this recording features the same traditional Heavy Metal purity that Doro always manages to deliver and there are a number of incredible tracks that she can add to her repertoire. The downside might be for the listener who is expecting the singer to step outside of her comfort zone just a little bit this time around and adventure into new ground but since she does no such thing there is a chance that this kind of fan will find the release a disappointment. to add to her repertoire the listener who might be expecting the singer to step outside of the box a little bit will be disappointed that she does not. Our adventures begin with the sinister voice of some Hellish demon and this leads us into “Night Of The Warlock” which does in some sense call back to the singer’s glory years. I didn’t mind how “Running From The Devil” continued this albums trend of calling us back to Metal’s classic sound because we had recently found artists releasing albums that brought us back to the time of their biggest successes and while Doro has really never veered off course its nice that even she opted to back a decade or two with this one. Of course this is just my view of how this sounds and you might feel differently when you hear it.
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