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Presenting PiercingMetal’s “Best 9” Instagram Photos For 2016

I’ve been having a blast using the Official Instagram for PiercingMetal.com this past year because I really put it to use at both shows and conventions combined.  I guess I have had this account for almost four years now and I remembered creating it when Nightwish was performing for the very first time at The Beacon Theatre in 2012.  The overall tally of the Official PiercingMetal Instagram at the time of my posting this narrative is that it has 3,077 photos uploaded and a profile that is followed by 1,133 users.   According to the “Best 9” website this account has had 23,905 likes on 1,214 photos and that’s pretty awesome to learn.  I strive to have 100% original images and notations on this profile unlike some of the folks out there who use other peoples photos, posters and such as their own.  To me that is cheap and those accounts shouldn’t be followed at all.  Thanks to the fun website link which you will find at the end of this narrative, I was able to learn what my “9” most popular posted images were in 2016 and I’m sharing that result with you below. Here is the graphic of those nine images that amounted to my “Best 9”.
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Exploring NY Comic Con 2016: Day Four, Part Two (10/9/2016)

Okay my readers I am getting down to the wire with the expansive and in-depth visual presentations from the 2016 NY Comic Con as I’m officially bringing the penultimate chapter to your attention. The Family Day part of the Con finds me examining other parts of the expo center to make sure I got to everything and you’ll start to see a little of everything as I close the whole enchilada up. If you are just now joining into the proceedings please click on THIS LINK first since it will bring you a rundown of all the chapters that have been posted before this one. I’ll start this chapter with this lovely cosplayer who was decked out in a stunning Leia meets R2D2 outfit. I loved it. Nice work. You’ll hear from me time after time in this one.

nycc 2016, ny comic con 2016

nycc 2016, ny comic con 2016
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