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Presenting The Fifth Annual Ringo Awards Winners

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Last night, the winners of the Fifth Annual Ringo Awards were announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con and without any further adieu here is the full rundown.

Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist):
WINNER – Jeff Lemire
Sas Milledge
Eric Powell
Caytlin Vilbrandt
Thom Zahler

Best Writer:
Jeff Lemire
Chris Miskiewicz
Tom Taylor
WINNER – James Tynion IV
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Introducing “Bad Idea Comics”; A New Publisher Coming To Shops Near You

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The Press Release:
From here on out, you’re going to hear an awful lot about BAD IDEA – an experimental new comic book publisher debuting in select comic shops in May 2020. But, wait, we’ll get to the “select” part in a second.

BAD IDEA’s mantra is “don’t do anything unless it’s special.” That could apply to the way we appear at conventions, it could be the way we get books into stores, but, more often than not, you’ll see it first and foremost in our comics. With that in mind – and in spite of ourselves – BAD IDEA is going to produce an intentionally limited number of series at any given time: no more than one to two single issues per month. Single-issue, monthly comics are the fuel that keeps BAD IDEA’s engine running – and, over the past year, we’ve been making a ton of them in secret with some of the industry’s best and most respected creators.
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Marvel Reveals “Moon Knight” #200 David Finch Variant Cover

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The Press Release:
An extra special issue deserves an extra special cover, and Marvel is excited to reveal a new variant cover for MOON KNIGHT #200 from a superstar artist known for one of MOON KNIGHT’s most acclaimed runs, David Finch! With colors by Frank D’Armata, Finch returns to Marvel to bring his memorable talent to one of Marvel’s grittiest and most unique characters. Don’t miss MOON KNIGHT #200, in comic shops October 24th!

comic book covers, marvel comics, moon knight
“Moon Knight” #200 by David Finch

MOON KNIGHT #200: Written by MAX BEMIS

FOC – 10/1/18, On Sale – 10/24/18

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve always loved the Moon Knight character ever since he first appeared in “Werewolf By Night” so many years ago but I must admit that I am not on top of his most recent batch of adventures. I collected several of his series over the years and they are secure in a long box somewhere in my storage unit. I’m stoked to share that the characters title will hit a milestone of “200” issues (and be aware this is based on the return to the legacy numbering – I know, it confuses me too). I will probably grab this one when it hits the racks next month and hope that somehow this puts more interest in bringing him to a series on Netflix or maybe even introduced into the MCU. Wouldn’t that be sweet. Chime in down below if you have anything to add but for now I am done and be aware that I am once again attending the NY Comic Con as a member of the Press and shall be documenting the adventures on the website and across our Official Social Networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow those accounts if you aren’t already. Until next time.

Official Website: http://www.marvel.com
Official Character Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_Knight

Marvel Announces “Sentry” Series For June

I am always game for a new comic book series launch and I still have the first appearance of “The Sentry” somewhere in one of the long boxes in my massive comic collection. The character intrigued me and with that being said its nice to see him being fleshed out in a brand-new series. Learn more down below.

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“The Sentry” #1

The Press Release:
This June, The Sentry is returning to the Marvel Universe, along with writer Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight) and Kim Jacinto (Avengers: No Surrender) in an all-new story!
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