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Marvel Announces Prestige “Punisher” Series For March

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The Press Release:
Frank Castle must face his destiny. Beginning this March, Frank’s dark path will be revealed in PUNISHER, a series years in the making that will mark the definitive culmination of Frank Castle’s journey in the Marvel Universe to date, building on his past to reveal his inescapable future.

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PUNISHER, written by Avengers architect Jason Aaron, will be a 13-issue prestige limited series. Running monthly, each issue will be oversized to explore the past, present, and future of Frank Castle’s character and reveal where his motivations truly lie. The series will be drawn by Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta, with each separately taking on Castle’s present day and Castle’s past through flashbacks, respectively.

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“After writing the Punisher over the years, I’ve always been fascinated by the character of Frank Castle. What moments made him the Punisher, even before that fateful day in the park? And how far will he go to win the war that has consumed his life? Spoiler: as far as it damn well takes,” said Aaron. “This story is the destined next step in the dark and tragic evolution of Frank Castle, from troubled kid to heroic soldier to revenge-driven vigilante…to the duly anointed King of Killers. Believe me when I say, I am as excited about this story as anything I’ve ever written for Marvel.”

comic book pages, marvel comics, marvel entertainment, punisher

As the Punisher, Frank Castle has become the most accomplished killer the world has ever seen. After a shocking secret pushes him to become the warlord of the Hand, he now serves the Beast, a role he’s been fated to fulfill. Tragedy, war, and rage come together as he takes up his sword and his new armor with the most notorious clan of assassins in the Marvel Universe. Will it mean an end for the Punisher? Or a whole new bloody beginning?

“A few years ago, Jason Aaron came into one of our creative summits with a pitch for Frank that made our collective jaws drop,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. “The story Jason is telling – a truly epic tale about darkness, violence, and choices – can only be told with the Punisher at its core. This series will build on Frank’s legacy while introducing us to a side of him we’ve never seen before, setting the stage for an evolution that we’ll find was inevitable.”

More information about PUNISHER will be released in the coming months.

PUNISHER #1: Written by JASON AARON; Art by JESÚS SAIZ and PAUL AZACETA; Colors by DAVE STEWART; Cover by JESÚS SAIZ – On sale March 2022

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This one sounds interesting and we love the adventures of the Punisher here at the Media Command HQ but I might need to pass since limited series are better enjoyed in a collected edition for me these days. As per usual I will be perusing this one on the racks when I pop into my local shop to see what’s the what. This is sure to be a hit based on the fine creative team and as I wrap this one up I wonder what you in the readership think about it all. Chime in down below in the comments and let’s get that countdown to Christmas going (if you’re someone who celebrates it like we do of course). See you next time, stay safe out there.

Official: http://www.marvel.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marvel

Marvel Announces Winter Hulk’s Arrival In “Avengers” Issue #48

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The Press Release:
WORLD WAR SHE-HULK, the upcoming arc in Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón’s action-packed run on AVENGERS will continue into September with AVENGERS #48! This explosive new arc will see She-Hulk facing off against Red Guardian and the Russian Winter Guard, who are tasked with bringing Jen to justice. After being taken prisoner and sent to the notorious assassin-training academy known as the Red Room, She-Hulk will be transformed into something terrifying and the Winter Hulk will be unleashed upon the world. Who will dare to try to stop her? Find out in this exciting new chapter in the saga of She-Hulk when AVENGERS #48 hits stands on September 1st!

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“Avengers” #48

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Marvel Reveals “Avengers” & “Amazing Spider-Man” Titles for Free Comic Book Day

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The Press Release:
Free Comic Book Day 2021 will be celebrated at your local comic shop on August 14th, and this year Marvel Comics will release two Free Comic Book Day titles, each containing two separate stories. These exciting tales will provide perfect entry points for new readers to the thrilling ongoing sagas of the Avengers, Spider-Man, Venom, and the Hulk and give comic fans their first glimpse at the exciting new eras for their favorite characters. These issues will shape the Marvel Universe as we know it with direct connections to the year’s biggest upcoming storylines.

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Free Comic Book Day “Amazing Spider-Man”

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Marvel’s “Avengers” Brace For “World War She-Hulk” This July

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The Press Release:
Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón’s run on AVENGERS continues this July with the storyline She-Hulk fans have been waiting for! Beginning in AVENGERS #46, WORLD WAR SHE-HULK will bring Jennifer Walters’ current journey to its pulse-pounding conclusion, setting the hero on a new path just in time for Avengers #50. An homage to the hit 2007 crossover event by Greg Pak, WORLD WAR SHE-HULK will stand on its own as a new pulse-pounding saga in the Hulk mythos. The action-packed arc will see She-Hulk facing off against Red Guardian and the Winter Guard.

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“Avengers” #46

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Marvel Unveils The Official Theme Soundtrack For “War Of The Realms”

We’ve touched upon the upcoming “The War Of The Realms” crossover a couple of times now and to be up to date with all of the latest news about this major Marvel Comics happening just click HERE to launch a new tab in your browser. Now we’ve got a theme song to enjoy. Dig in.

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The Press Release:
This April, all ten realms are at war…and it’s a battle that will change the Marvel Universe and the lives of every hero! To celebrate this epic event, Marvel is excited to unveil the official theme soundtrack for WAR OF THE REALMS, debuting on the This Week in Marvel podcast!

Recorded live at the gateway of the Black Bifrost, it’s a song so epic, even Surtur sheds a tear when he hears it! Composed and recorded by Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence and produced by Marvel Entertainment with creative input from WAR OF THE REALMS writer Jason Aaron, the new theme song is currently streaming free at marvel.com/waroftherealms and on YouTube and can be heard on the latest episode of This Week in Marvel, available on Apple Podcasts, Marvel.com/Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Next week, all Hel will break loose as Marvel’s epic event from the award-winning creative team of Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson finally hits comic shops! Plus, don’t miss a special midnight release of WAR OF THE REALMS #1 for retailers – be sure to check Marvel mailers for details!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I liked the epic nature of this and in some sense it reminded me of some of the Viking and Black Metal that I love to see in concert based on how BIG the sound was for this. I can easily find this being the intro music to a crushing set of Metal by bands like Ensiferum or Dimmu Borgir but maybe that’s just me. What do you readers think about this theme and the overall “War Of The Realms” crossover to come? Chime in down in the comments section below. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.marvel.com