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“The Siren’s Call” (Single) by Necromancing The Stone

Artist: Necromancing The Stone
Title: “The Siren’s Call” (Single)
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 6/22/2016
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 4/5

So I was reading the emails about the upcoming tours and releases and this little bit of copy really stood out for me so check it out – “If flaccid, identikit, breakdown-laden “metal” is the disease, Necromancing The Stone is the cure. With their upcoming debut full-length, Jewel Of The Vile, the group – featuring current/former members of Arsis (James Malone, guitars), The Absence (Jeramie Kling, drums), The Black Dahlia Murder (Ryan “Bart” Williams, bass) and Brimstone Coven (guitarist Justin Wood and vocalist “Big” John Williams) – plans to vanquish “Breakdownicus Gratuitous””
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Arsis Offers Up “A Celebration Of Guilt” 10th Anniversary Tour for 2014

Formed in the year 2000 by guitarist James Malone and drummer Mike Van Dynne, Arsis delivered a Technical Death Metal epic with their first album “A Celebration Of Guilt” and this would set the ball in motion on their career and impact upon the Metal scene. Over the years the band has seen numerous lineup and record label changes nut through it all, Malone continued to map out the bands vision and molten levels of Technical Death Metal. 2014 finds the band raising a glass to the 10th Anniversary of “A Celebration Of Guilt” and will be bringing along Allegeon and Exmortus as support. You can learn more about this tour by reading the press release below the poster and then we can examine the tour dates. Get going.

Tour - Arsis - Headline 2014
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Scion A/V Presents: Arsis’ “Lepers Caress”

The current state of the economy finds me always loving when the fine folks at Scion A/V offer up The Metal Republic some free, and really cool Metal to help enhance not only their collections but their overall appreciation and curiosity about a bands body of work. The newest free EP delivers you six tracks from the incredibly blazing Arsis. You know the band I am speaking about, the ferocious Technical Death Metal group from Yorktown, VA that is the brainchild of James Malone. I’ve enjoyed their stuff on recording and in the live sense for a few years now so I was very happy to find them being featured on one of these free EP’s. If this is your first go at the band then you are in for a treat (especially if you someone who goes crazy for technical guitar and drum wizardry). Arsis does it right and that is the best way I can describe it to you. The EP is entitled “Lepers Caress” and you can download all five songs into your collection by clicking the album art just below. Go, go, go…

Click Album To Access The Freeness

This free EP download could not have come at a better time because we are hours away from the band heading out as direct support for the mighty Sonata Arctica. Talk about a double dose punch of musical power. Do yourself a favor Metal fans and be sure to attend one of these shows. I know that I will be there at the NYC appearance in Gramercy Theatre for sure and a review will make it to these pages as soon as is humanly possible. Stay tuned for that.

Official Website: http://us.myspace.com/arsis
Official Website: http://scionav.com/

In the event that you are missing some of the other Arsis releases in your music library you can just use these handy dandy Amazon.com links to help you complete your collection. How cool is that?

Want To See Sonata Arctica & Arsis In NYC On 12/6/2012

sonata arctica nyc concert poster, sonata arctica,
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Arch Enemy & Exodus @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (1/22/2010)

Logo - Arch Enemy

Artist: Arch Enemy
Venue: Nokia Theatre Times Square (New York, NY)
Opener: Exodus, Arsis, Mutiny Within
Date: 1/22/2010
Label: Century Media Records

It was great to find Arch Enemy doing a headlining tour again because the last time that we found them visiting us in NYC they were doing a “co-headlining” run called “The Black Tyranny Tour”. This excellent event paired them with Roadrunner Records’ own Machinehead and while they lined it out as co-headlining gigs, Arch had always seemed to be the direct support for Machinehead and I am not sure there were too many swapped shows. Of course, I don’t think many of the Metal legions actually minded about this back when those shows had happened because Machinehead was on the rise again and dishing out the tunes for those who enjoyed the incredible sounds on their album of the time “The Blackening”. Tonight’s gig would be an interesting one as it found Exodus hitting the stage as the bands direct support and give us the long awaited return of Arsis while also treating us to some relative newcomers to the scene with Mutiny Within.
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