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BabyMetal Prepped To Invade NYC With Metal & Cute In November 2014

Tour - Baby Metal - 2014

Baby Metal is a quickly growing musical phenomenon that hails from Japan and had apparently only started up about two years ago. I actually first heard of them thanks to the guys at Metal Sucks who seemed fascinated by their existence and when I investigated for myself I found three absolutely adorable Japanese singers/dancers whose names are Moametal, Su-Metal and Yuimetal respectively. Behind them is a crushing Metal band of players and the show that they have on hand is not too far off from a KISS experience in terms of the special effects they employ. They recently opened up the Lady Ga Ga shows but since I did not attend those I cannot offer up anything more than “if GaGa thinks they’re good enough it might be worthy of a larger analysis. Earlier today I learned that the group will be headlining a show at the famous Hammerstein Ballroom and this event appears to be the only East Coast appearance. It seems like a great way to start off your November.
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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 1 (Part One)

It’s that time of year again when the NY Comic Con & Anime Festival hit NYC and take over the Jacob Javits Center for a few days.  This yearly event brings together the mighty hordes of comic book fans and Cosplayers alike gathered en masse to mingle with artists and the companies that provide this entertainment medium, and there are even celebrities in attendance for good measure.   The crowd of people is in the tens of thousands and this is the best place to be if you love comic books, video games and want to interact with people who hold similar interests.   You might be wondering why this would be given space on a site that is primarily focused on the Heavy Metal music scene but truth be told I’ve been a fan of the comics medium for many, many years but don’t collect them as actively as I used to based on space constraints.  I still read them when I can and am amazed about the amount of changes that have taken place in a number of the character histories but that is not what this narrative is about.  Instead, this blog posting is about my adventures at the Convention and aimed at showing you what caught our attention as we wandered its massive displays over the course of three days.  I figured with the amount of musical artists who had vested interests in the medium that we would find some interesting stuff as we adventured.  I’ve broken the journey up into individual days but be aware that even in doing this that the narratives are long.  Let’s get this trip underway shall we?

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
"Meanwhile At The Hall Of Justice"

It begins here at the Jacob Javits Center and this would be my first time covering the convention as a member of the press so I wanted to take full advantage of what was going on inside these walls.  As I walked toward the Javits Center I was reminded of the classic “Challenge Of The Super Friends” cartoon and hence my photographs quote.  It’s best to say this in a deep and powerful voice.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
PiercingMetal = Official Business

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