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Check Out The Trailer For “Kittie”; A 20th Anniversary Documentary

Logo - Kittie

I’ve been hearing about this documentary for a number of months now and I am excited to share the press release and the trailer for said film with you all. The documentary gives us a keen look inside the beginnings, the middle and the now in the lives of the Canadian Metal band KITTIE. Check out the trailer below and then you can absorb the press release.

The Press Release:


NEW YORK – Canadian metal act KITTIE will debut a career spanning documentary to be released next year. The trailer for the epic will premier Friday September 25, 2015 at 9pm in London, Ontario, Canada at the historic Hyland Cinema (240 Wharncliffe Rd S, London, ON N6J 2L4, Canada) in conjunction with the Canadian Premiere of “Nintendo Quest: The Most Unofficial and Unauthorized Nintendo Documentary Ever!” in part with the London Comic Con Convention. The trailer will appear online after the screening on the band’s Facebook page.
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Kittie @ B.B. King Blues Club (3/23/2010)

It seemed like only yesterday when Kittie came a calling to New York City, and in all actuality it was back in September if my Metal memory serves me correctly and yet despite this very recent visit, one cannot be anything less than pleased when these Canadian Metal chicks want to help make March Metal Madness all the more special by visiting us once again.  They were doing the equivalent of a co-headlining tour with God Forbid and depending on where the show was taking place would swap the lead off spot every now and again.  The show also featured Gwen Stacy and if you want to see the full concert report just scroll down past their logo.  There’s also a lot of cool backstage candid moments and images here from this very night.

Logo - Kittie

Artist: Kittie
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, N.Y.)
Opener: God Forbid, Gwen Stacy
Date: 3/23/2010
Label: E1 Entertainment

March Metal Madness was showing no signs of slowing down as we found ourselves over at B.B. King’s once again for the return of those Queens of Canadian Metal, Kittie. The girls were in town back in September of 2009, but NYC never minds a return visit from them especially when it features New Jersey’s own God Forbid.

Gwen Stacy: When I first heard Gwen Stacy, this was on the Sounds Of The Underground show from back in 2005 and I didn’t like what I heard back then. The reason is simply because the band was on very, very early and the mix was so messy on all of the leading into the festival bands that each of them bled into the others and didn’t stand out. Sadly, I would not think the show starting as early as it did and this found me only catching the last three songs of their set. My guess is that they played about thirty minutes and what I did see I really liked. There was a great level of energy and technical drive to the tunes and it was a far cry from that first impression I had from back in 2005. Let’s make this a rule my Metal legions, never trust in full your very first impression on a band because you might not be seeing them in the best environment for their sound. I would totally see them again and look forward to that chance. They are a Christian Metalcore band and are signed to Solid State Records. I don’t think you need me to mention that they are named after the character in the Spider-Man comic books but they are, even though there is no female member in their lineup. The crowd seemed into them which was nice to see for the first up group so let’s hope they made some new fans on this Kittie tour. God Forbid was up next.
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Kittie and Dope @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (7/14/2008)

Nu-Metal growlers Kittie and Industrial Metal leaders Dope did a tour together and brought along a couple of interesting Metalcore acts for good measure with Across Five Aprils and A New Revolution. We got there early to be able to feature something about everyone on the stage so if you click the logo below you will be brought to our article on the main PiercingMetal.com site. Photos of all the performers are there as well so dig in.

Logo - Kittie

Artist: Kittie
Venue: Blender Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Dope, A New Revolution, Dead Men Dreaming, Across Five Aprils
Date: 7/14/2008
Label: X Of Infamy Records

I should mention that I really wasn’t the biggest fan of Kittie when I first heard them and this was largely because I was interested in other types of Metal at the time as opposed to anything featuring growling vocals. Especially when they came from a pretty girl as this just didn’t make any sense to me. Of course after catching them in concert a few times and finding myself always enjoying the evening this opinion changed and since that time I have made sure to be present as often as possible when they invade the Big Apple. Tonight’s gig would be no exception as they returned for what was labeled a “co-headlining” tour with Industrial Metal powerhouses Dope. The show would be at the Blender Theater, the former home of the Gramercy Park movie house which has been converted into almost a miniature version of the Nokia Theater that is located not too far uptown. The space seemed perfect for such a roster and it would be interesting to see how it played out here as opposed to where I had last seen Kittie in action. For the past couple of years the girls had been making stops at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill which was a nice room for them but it would be interesting to see them on a larger stage. The evening was a sweltering summer night that offered no one reprieve and with five bands to enjoy on this bill the climate inside was sure to be far hotter.
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