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New York City’s Irving Plaza Reveals 2021-2022 Events

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Day after day and week after week the world around us is slowly beginning to resemble something closer to normal. Many are vaccinated and the requirements about masks in open spaces along with some inside spaces has changed. These changes find venues being prepped and shows being booked and a short time ago we saw this announcement on the Irving Plaza Facebook Page. Take a look.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you can see there is a little something for everyone here and we’ve got some traditional Rock, some Punk, some Metal and a whole lengthy list of artists from wide-scoping genres that we just don’t follow during the course of the day. I’m going to being populating our trusty Events Calendar with the most relevant listings to our audience and I hope that the Gramercy Theatre makes a post like this one soon as well. I will say that I miss both of these places very much and look forward to being inside their confines once more being blasted to the walls by some incendiary talent. I know that I’d also love to be getting back into doing the Giveaways once again as we haven’t since November of 2019. What do you readers think about this initial list? Anything spark your interest right off the bat? Anything that you want them to feature at the venue? Use the comments down below to make your voices heard.

Official: http://www.mercuryeastpresents.com/irvingplaza
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IrvingPlaza

NYC’s Irving Plaza Says “Thank You Goodnight” (For Now)

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Back in April, we helped to share the news about the legendary Irving Plaza shutting its doors for a few months to do an extensive and expansive renovation and if you missed the finer details about the story just click HERE to be up to date. Last night the venue hosted its last Rock show for the time being with the band Anberlin who performed for two nights and when it was all said and done, there was a message to the masses and those simply passing by the place. Thanks to our friend in music Morgan K. who snapped this visual and permitted me to use it for this notice.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: So as you can see this is more of a “Ciao For Now” as opposed to the goodbye that was recently said by both B.B. King Blues Club and the Highline Ballroom and even Roseland Ballroom if you choose to scroll back through the pages of time a little longer. New York City has lost a lot of the smaller venues like Tammany Hall and Santos Party House along with Kenny’s Castaways and when Webster Hall returned from its renovation they had left both The Studio and The Marlin Room in the dumpster. It’s my hope that the renovation at Irving Plaza moves along at a steady pace so they get back to booking the shows that so many of us entertained night after night. I don’t know the overall plans for the place but if I learn them I will gladly share the information. My hope is a main floor that doesn’t bounce along with the hundreds of fans because that honestly terrifies me and I also hope for some expanded facilities and maybe even places to charge ones mobile devices and reliable free WiFi. Nowadays, one cannot simply go to a show without snagging a clip or two to share on their social networks to bring everyone you know into the mix with you. So as I close this announcement up, I say thank you Irving Plaza for the times so far and we shall catch up with you soon enough. You readers can chime in with what you think or hope the new configuration will be like down in the comments and remember to keep a look at our always updated Events Calendar to see who is playing where until this venue returns to us. I’ve heard that it would last almost but not quite a year’s time. That should go by fast enough.

Official Website: http://www.mercuryeastpresents.com

New York’s Storied Irving Plaza To Undergo Massive Renovation!!!

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The Press Release:
Irving Plaza, the 150-year-old iconic venue and host to a galaxy of legendary performers including Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Dave Matthews Band, The Talking Heads, The Clash, The Ramones, Radiohead and more will close this summer for eight months as part of a dramatic multi-million dollar makeover intended to transform the landmark performance hall with numerous upgrades and renovations throughout the building, it was announced by Live Nation’s Clubs & Theaters division.

Following a complete renovation of the property located in the Union Square neighborhood, improvements will include contemporary revamps of the lobby area and the music hall, new bars on all levels of the venue, the addition of a downstairs VIP lounge, and remodeling of the mezzanine including a new box-seating section configuration located on the mezzanine.

Executive Vice President, Live Nation Clubs & Theaters, Arich Berghammer said, “We’re thrilled to embark on a dramatic renovation of one the world’s most treasured music venues. When we unveil these experiential upgrades—both artists and fans will enjoy an unparalleled musical experience.”
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NYC’s Irving Plaza Celebrates “100 Sold-Out Shows” For 2018

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The other day the band Taking Back Sunday announced a special performance at NYC’s own Irving Plaza to help the venue reach a concert attendance milestone for the 2018 year and sell out a full “100” shows. Today we help celebrate this accomplishment by saying “well done” and please keep that stuff coming.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: “100 Sold-Out” shows is no joke nor an easy feat so kudos to everyone involved in making that happen. I’m talking about the venue promoters, the bookers and the bands and most importantly – YOU!!! That’s right YOU….The fans are the most crucial factor in making a show be a complete sell out event. Irving Plaza holds “about” 1100 people and historically speaking if I can trust my old ticket stubs and entries on setlist.fm, I have been here well over 100 times. From the looks of it, the only venue that I went to more than this one is the now shuttered B.B. King Blues Club (please bow your heads for a moment of silence – thank you).
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Ulver Addresses Overwhelming Demand with a 2nd Performance In NYC for 2019

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It was only a few short days ago that the Norwegian musical collective known as Ulver announced their first-ever USA visit with a one night only gig at the famed Irving Plaza (discussed HERE). So the performance sold out in a matter of hours and remember this isn’t even happening until next March!!! How wild is that? In order to satisfy the demand and not leave their fans out in the cold, a second night was just recently announced and the poster modified slightly.

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