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New York Comic Con 2022 Takes Over The PiercingMetal Instagram

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For the twelfth straight year, PiercingMetal was attending the famed New York Comic Con as a member of the media and with that comes a whole lot of photos so I am going to once again use the site as a redirector to our Official Instagram. We love wandering the aisles and meeting the talented artists and cosplayers along with some cool exhibitors.

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PiercingMetal Celebrates 10th Anniversary On Instagram (9/15/2012-9/15/2022)

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Hello my Friends!!!! I am here once more to do that announcement stuff for one of our most used social media accounts which is The Official Instagram for PiercingMetal which I have now been using for ten full years. The actual anniversary date was on 9/15/2022 but I didn’t have a photo posted for the day and instead decided to use one from today since it was also “Batman Day”. We paid a visit to our friends over at Galaxy Comics and did some photos and video stuff to help raise awareness and I was glad since I did need a photo to go along with any Instagram discussion.

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PiercingMetal Posts 10,000th Instagram Photo (5/15/2022)

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Hey there friends, so it’s time once again to laud something that’s going on with one of our most used social media accounts. It was way back in 2012 that PiercingMetal joined onto the Instagram photo-sharing network and while this isn’t our anniversary of creating the account, I am stoked to share that we have just posted out 10,000th Photo. It’s pretty cool to hit this many photographs because I think it raises some branding awareness and now all the photos also include the hashtag for my Ken Pierce Media angle which has been growing strong since launching in June of 2020. So what is this 10K photo all about, well as you can see it is me, and its the other photo taken by my friend in the final days of my COVID Manager job for the “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical” Broadway show. While the gig ended a little more than a week ago I still have the soundtrack running through my head and it was great to help people keep safe in trying times. Onward we go.

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New York Comic Con 2021 Takes Over The PiercingMetal Instagram

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For the 11th straight year, the Media High Command HQ would be attending the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center and would be doing so as a member of the press representing this and the still growing Ken Pierce Media branding. This year the plan was to load up a lot of website narratives, YouTube clips and of course Instagram images. Like-minded geeks can keep pace with the website articles by clicking HERE and the first of our Instagram images is linked below. Most of them will be exclusive to our Instagram with the occasional making an appearance in our four-day coverage of the convention.

Those readers who love “the Gram” are encouraged to come visit the profile and give if a Follow. Once you’re there we hope that you like as many photos as possible because that helps the engagement and let’s more people find us in the feed.

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PiercingMetal’s “Top Nine” Instagrams For 2019

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Greetings my friends, we’ve arrived at the time of the year where people get to showcase their “Top Nine” images on Instagram and this reveal is done when they tabulate all of the likes across your profiles posts. Though I used Instagram quite a bit this past year I really fell behind based on just how many events I was attending. There is only so much time in the day and with major events like the Toy Fair, New York Comic Con and Anime NYC being so loaded with visuals I had my hands full. I’m going to maintain that I felt that I used this social network more than any of the other ones and I often share the images over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to spark up additional engagement. Let’s review.

top nine 2019, instagram top nine, instagram top nine 2019

About These Visuals:
Starting from the top row and working down we’ve got an amazing Nebula cosplayer from the New York Comic Con, the legendary Michael Schenker from a performance at Irving Plaza and a scene from the “Dio Returns” hologram show from afar. Next there is Miku Kobato of the all-girl Japanese Rock band Band-Maid, an amazing black and white statue of Batman from DC Collectibles and a Dave Mustaine from Megadeth statue from Knucklebonz. The last row is more live stuff with faraway visuals from the Original Misfits show and the Stryper show. Closing it all up is a popular cosplayer named Destiny Fomo. Though I was quite happy with the choices, I did expect a few different ones to be presented but the masses have spoken. All photos were taken by me of course. Now let’s examine some of the finer points about the account.
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