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Immortal: Live Photos @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (3/30/2010)

Logo - Immortal

Immortal had selected the Brooklyn Masonic Temple to be one of a few choice venues for their “Blashyrkh In North America” tour and that appearance was discussed in full on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy the photo gallery that was captured during their set.

immortal, immortal concert photos
Immortal by Ken Pierce (2010)

immortal, immortal concert photos
Immortal by Ken Pierce (2010)

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Immortal @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (3/30/2010)

March Metal Madness was drawing to its inevitable close at this point and what better way to send it off in style than by having those original “Sons Of Northern Darkness” Immortal lay waste to those who bravely choose to follow them.  The gig would be at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple and find NY’s own Black Anvil as the only support and you can learn more about this gig by scrolling past the bands logo below.

Logo - Immortal

Artist: Immortal
Venue: Brooklyn Masonic Temple (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: Black Anvil
Date: 3/30/2010
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It seemed as though our 2010 March Metal Madness while coming in like a lion, was choosing to go out in similar fashion as the terrible rains and wind that we found hitting the Big Apple a few weeks ago had returned to haunt us once again. When you think about it, this was the fitting atmosphere for a band like Norway’s Immortal and tonight these “Sons Of Northern Darkness” had landed at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. The space has been used for a handful of Metal shows recently, but it would be the first time that I ever attended a performance here so I was looking forward to putting the stories I had heard about it to a better visual of my own. We’ll talk about the venue a little later but first to the task at hand. Immortal’s return was similar to the last time back in 2007 and while that “tour” found the band doing two shows on opposite coasts; this go round would feature four. They called the Metal bombardment the “Blashyrkh Over North America” tour and the appearance in Brooklyn, NY had our own Black Anvil opening up the show. Here is how it went down.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2009: The Music Part 2

Hello again, and welcome back to the continuing “Best Of” 2009 lists. This is chapter two of my favorite albums for the year since I had so many. Don’t worry, I loved a lot of concerts, books and videos but those will have to get their own chapter as well. With this installment I have also featured those releases which were older albums that found a re-issue. I’ve never minded reviewing back catalog here on the website and as we head towards out fifth year in 2010 can only see that process continuing. Okay let’s take a look at the picks.

The Best Albums Of 2009 Continued:

Immortal “All Shall Fall” (Nuclear Blast Records): The Dark Gods of the frozen wastelands are back and shall take no prisoners. Welcome back gentleman, we’ve been waiting for this one for awhile.

Nile “Those Whom The Gods Detest” (Nuclear Blast Records): This angry little title only briefs you on the massive sound delivered by Nile on their latest. Could this be the bands magnum opus, one might think so after hearing it a couple of times. That’s good for the genre all around.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Night Castle” (Lava Records): It’s finally here and offers fans of the Symphonic Hard Rock orchestra a lot of cool treats. There are some covers and remakes on this one for the old Savatage crowd and a lot of new instrumentals and lyrical pieces that both amaze and inspire. Nice work.

The Smithereens “Tommy” (E1 Entertainment): Classic rockers re-do most of the amazing Rock Opera by The Who. Their renditions were solid and worthy of praise. Cool.

The Gathering “The West Pole” (Season Of Mist Records): Another band with some history and yet another new lead singer. Did it work out, well, yes it did indeed.

Chimaira “The Infection” (Ferret Music): Brutal, powerful and very, very heavy. This bands name breathes Metal and the music on this release is the proof in the pudding.

Them Crooked Vultures “Them Crooked Vultures” (Interscope Records): Another super group but this one features John Paul Jones…….JOHN PAUL JONES!!!!! Awesome stuffs.

Shadow’s Fall “Retribution” (Shadows Fall Records): Solid effort from these original leaders in the Nu-Metal field.

The Last Vegas “Whatever Gets You Off” (Eleven Seven Music): Really enjoyed the Trash/Sleaze Rock of these winners of the Guitar Player contest. I sense good and big things a coming for these boys.

White Wizzard “High Speed GTO” (Earache Records): Kicking it Old School never sounded so good.
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Immortal @ B.B. King Blues Club (7/13/2007)

Immortal are legends in the Black Metal genre and their reunion gigs were sold out long before the shows even happened. They played only a couple of stateside dates with one in LA and the other NYC. We were on point to deliver the scoop on the historic event and should you want to see more just scroll past the logo.

Logo - Immortal

Artist: Immortal
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Annunaki
Date: 7/13/2007
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The ever-increasing power and dominance of Heavy Metal music would once again prove strong and holding the horns high as the mighty Immortal took the stage of New York’s popular concert venue the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. The appearance came only a few weeks after the venerated Emperor had performed and given the fact that this show had been sold out for many weeks in advance, everyone would find themselves arriving to a jam-packed club. I’ve always felt this was a great sight to behold but tonight it would make the venue just a little on the hot side as far as temperature went. I should have anticipated that the evening would become far hotter when Immortal would hit the stage. There were two openers for the show but I would not catch either of their sets. I did hear reports that Annunaki was worth checking out, so I will be looking into their CD in the near future. While I often like to catch the startup bands this was the kind of show were I wanted to focus only on Immortal and experience the levels of Metal devastation that they were so well known for without any other sensory assaults. As the lights went down and the intro music came on we saw the kit of that giant of a drummer Horgh, and soon he was behind them with his horns raised high above for the crowd to see. Abbath was onstage almost immediately as was their touring bassist Apollyon, who has now become a more official member of the group. Tonight’s show was the first time that the band had toured the States since 2003 and for those who were lucky to be a part of the NYC appearance of that time should be aware that the reissue of “Sons Of Northern Darkness” in 2005 includes a DVD of this same performance. It was also done at B.B. Kings in case you wondered. For this tour I was sad to find it only scheduled as two dates with one on each coast.
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