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“Now That’s What I Call Rock” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Now That’s What I Call Rock”
Label: Now Music
Release Date: 1/22/2016
Genre: Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

I’m pretty sure that you have seen these compilations while you’ve shopped for all sorts of music at your local brick and mortar place and there is a good chance that you even own a few of them since they are rather diverse in their offerings. The latest edition of these “Now Music” collections is called “Now That’s What I Call Rock” and brings you twenty-one tracks from the hottest bands in the Rock genre in today’s world. I have to admit that I am not all that up on what is considered “Rock” nowadays based on my ardent appreciation for the more classic artists and being a tried and true Metalhead that follows the artists who are dishing out that sort of thing. That being said I have to admit that this collection intrigued me and I did recognize many of the names on the compilation and can cross a couple of them off of my need to see in concert list. The album starts with a Bring Me The Horizon tune and having caught them in a small club thanks to some special event last year I can say that this was a great way to begin the album. Notable contributions come from bands like Shinedown, Seether and Imagine Dragons. The latter of the listed having a song on a commercial that keeps playing over and over in my head. You cannot really go wrong with anything from Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell or Fall Out Boy since they sell out arena sized shows over and over and have mega popularity across a wide spanning demographic of music fans.
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Congratulations To Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin On Their 2014 Grammy Awards!

May I have the envelope please…….

Logo - Grammys

The big night for music ended only a short while ago and since the Internet is going to blow up with postings and viewpoints about the winners, I wanted to quickly raise a glass of toast for the Rock and Metal acts that took home this prestigious award this year. Just in case you didn’t tune in for some reason, I have listed not only the categories that most interest our demographic, but also showed the other nominees along with the winner so you can see who they won out over. I even added some personal thoughts on a couple of the winning groups. Here we go, the 2014 Grammy Award winners for the Rock and Metal Categories are……(snare drum roll kindly if you can).

Best Metal Performance
‘T.N.T.,’ Anthrax
‘God Is Dead?,’ Black Sabbath (Winner)
‘The Enemy Inside,’ Dream Theater
‘In Due Time,’ Killswitch Engage
‘Room 24,’ Volbeat featuring King Diamond

Thoughts: Some complained about the new Sabbath album being too slow and foreboding while others lamented the lack of Bill Ward on the release but despite that I was rather happy to see these legends receive the award which to me is NOT only for the new album but for all their work at the Metal craft and starting off a genre that is a vibrant movement in music so many decades later. Cheers Gents.
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