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Presenting The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards Winners For Rock & Metal

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As expected, the winner’s circle for the Rock, Metal and Alternative categories of the Grammy Awards were doled out during pre-broadcast ceremonies and with nothing being done in person this time around I guess this was all via Zoom, Facebook Live or maybe even WhatsApp. I don’t watch the show myself but do secure the full winner’s rundown for “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” website and that will post later on tonight since it’s a lot of editing to make work out. You Rockers don’t have to wait that long and can peruse the list before getting to the latest chapter in “The Walking Dead” saga or whatever else you might be watching on a Sunday night. May I have the envelope please….

Best Rock Performance:
NOT – Big Thief
KYOTO – Phoebe Bridgers
STAY HIGH – Brittany Howard
DAYLIGHT – Grace Potter
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CANCELLED: Body Count @ Webster Hall

Based on the NYS ban of all assembly over 500 people, the Body Count show will not be taking place. Please follow this calendar or your favorite social networks for updated event schedules.

Body Count featuring Ice-T will bring it down in Webster Hall and have support from the legendary Cro-Mags.

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Body Count @ Sony Square

Body Count will host an exclusive listening party for their brand-new album “Carnivore” at Sony Square. Arrive early as space is extremely limited.

Body Count Announces “Carnivore” Listening Party @ Sony Square NYC

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The Press Release:
Body Count are pleased to announce their partnership with Revolver Magazine & SiriusXM Liquid Metal to present the official Carnivore listening party at Sony Square NYC on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Space is limited, first come first serve. Fans should arrive between 7-7:30. Ice-T will be talking with SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s own Shawn The Butcher on the inspiration behind Carnivore. The Q&A will also be live streamed on Revolver & Inked Magazine’s Facebook pages. After the Q&A, fans will be treated to an exclusive first listen of Carnivore with refreshments provided by AriZona.

Fans can RSVP via https://forms.sonymusicfans.com/campaign/body-count-sony-music-square-nyc-event/

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sounds like a great time, and those interested in the region are going to want to act fast because this space is rather tight and doesn’t fit a whole bunch of people. I’d be interested in attending this myself because I used to follow the band a bit more closely back in the day and who doesn’t love some Arizona iced tea. It’s been awhile since I’ve been at Sony Square NYC as well with the last time I was there being for a Judas Priest album signing and to help celebrate the release of “Firepower” with their Pop-Up Shop. Check out that adventure by clicking HERE. It was a great thing to find being done and I wish more bands would do things like that but I digress as this post is about Body Count. Before I close this one up you can tell me about how interested you might be in attendance down in the comments section. If you can’t attend based on the logistics just order a copy of the new album care of Amazon.com down below.

Official Websites:
Body Count: https://www.facebook.com/bodycountofficial/
Revolver Magazine: http://www.revolver.com
SiriusXM: http://www.siriusxm.com

“Murder 4 Hire” by Body Count

Artist: Body Count
Title: “Murder 4 Hire”
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Genre: Metal Rap
Rating: 1/5

When Ice-T first decided to meld Heavy Metal and Punk riffs with his Rap it arrived with minimal fanfare or overall interest as at the time the two styles very rarely mixed nor did people hold both as interests in the same sitting. You either liked Rap or you liked Metal and the train only met previously when Anthrax goofed around with “I’m The Man” and Faith No More used some rap essence in their hit “Epic”. One of the Body Count tracks was “Cop Killer” and if certain politicians and leaders never turned their attention to the song then many feel that Body Count would have become a failed experiment, die a quiet death and have Ice turn back to his rapping and acting efforts. The resulting buzz and fervor about this track however ended up making the original release an impossible find and collector’s item. It sold so much that the record company had to re-release a version without the controversial track. That was then, and this is now where we find a number of Body Count releases surfacing to those who might find interest in them still. Two DVD’s featuring concert appearances have been released (on Escapi Music and Eagle Vision) and now this new CD which comes care of Escapi Music as well.
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