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“Addicted To Pain” by Addicted To Pain

Artist: Addicted To Pain
Title: “Addicted To Pain”
Label: Hear And Now Records
Release Date: 9/14/2010
Genre: Thrash Metal/Hardcore
Rating: 3.25/5

From the moment that you begin listening to the four song EP by Addicted To Pain you will realize that there is something familiar going on with it in the musical sense. It’s not a sound that is entirely new, but also certainly not one that is dated on the same token. I can safely say this much about it leaving you with a sense of knowing exactly what is going on with its tracks without needing to involve yourself too deeply into the release. You will either like it or hate it, and there is no middle ground to be worried about. The band is made up of Biohazard’s original guitarist Leo Curley who also handles the vocals on this one along with Bob Horvath and Gregory Nash on bass and drums respectively. Three players that have been around the block in terms of their involvement in the heavy music scene. After a couple of listens I felt that this reminded me a little bit of mid-career Biohazard based on some of the riffs and also the more Sludgy-Doom Metal bands like Crowbar and perhaps even a couple of tastes of Corrosion of Conformity thrown in for good measure. I felt there was an amalgamation of all of this going on here. Now it’s important to know that I am not at all measuring up Addicted To Pain against these Metal luminaries in any fashion but I am saying that if this is the sound that you lean most too then perhaps this new band is something that you should look into. I liked the opening track “Hear And Now” enough but really enjoyed the crunching along “Trust Me” a little more since it had a killer groove. “Abigail” kicks it up a notch by speeding up the delivery of the band and showcasing a different feel in the Metal sense. Curley’s voice is a rougher one as opposed to a soaring melodic one but that works with this kind of material better than a Timo Kotipelto or Tony Kakko would since it’s not that kind of band. The song is not to be confused with the number by King Diamond which I was glad to see since no one else can touch that one. “Going Going Gone” had a great drum lead in which appealed to me but while the riffs were singing the vocal register by remaining the same might lose a couple of people if they were expecting more experimentation in this area. Despite the couple of reservations I had the band does show that they can play and that they deliver the good nice and heavy.
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“For The Lions” by Hatebreed

Artist: Hatebreed
Title: “For The Lions”
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 5/5/2009
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

If you are like many Metal fans who are anxiously awaiting new music from their favorite bands then it might not surprise you to realize that Hatebreed has also decided to jump in on the current trend of offering up their own take on songs that they liked and found influence in. Ladies and Gentlemen may I present the Hatebreed covers album “For The Lions” and before you go running to the hills based on this being a continuing thing that many had thought had finally run its course I have to say that from beginning to end their release is one of the most relevant out of the whole bunch of them that we saw. The premise might seem odd to the fans of the band based on their heaviness as an outfit but singer Jamey Jasta has always been someone who speaks of his influences and what groups helped his own formulate their own path of musical destruction. Based on that we find bands like Metal juggernauts Slayer and Sepultura being offered up alongside the odd choice from Metallica where the band presents us with “Escape”. Back in the day there were few Metal bands who didn’t find influence in these three powerhouse units. Where Hatebreed impressed me most was in their inclusion of legacy Punk luminaries such as D.R.I, Black Flag, and The Misfits while also paying homage to the Hardcore movement with bands like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags and perhaps two of the most influential on the scene ever in its history with Bad Brains and Sick Of It All. The relevance of these bands combined offer the listener a great view inside the band Hatebreed themselves who by delivering these bands classics offer you the long time fan the means to find out what exactly made them work as hard as they did.
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“True At All Costs” by XRepresentX

Title: “True At All Costs”
Label: 1981 Records
Release Date: August 22, 2006
Genre: Metal/Hardcore Fusion
Rating: 1/5

Yet another entry in the growing-like-cancer Cookie Monster vocals genre, this is only slightly more intelligible than its legion of brethren but no less generic. Give it a pass.

Track Listing:
1. Dead City
2. Live It Up
3. Written in Blood
4. Get Something
5. Marked
6. One Chance
7. Infection
8. Who Can I Count On
9. By My Own Means
10. 8 1/4
11. If Only Words Could Kill
12. Outro

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/xrepresentx/

“The Most High” by Valume Nob

Artist: Valume Nob
Title: “The Most High”
Label: Crash Music
Release Date: 10/19/2004
Genre: Hardcore
Rating: 3/5

Very simply put this is Hardcore the way that it used to be delivered decades ago as its pure in essence and chaotically powerful as one expects in this music. Hardcore was always more about attitude than showcasing musical proficiency and that is where this EP might lose some people as it often sounds the same based on the chord structures presented. Normally the changes are few except for slower Mosh parts as opposed to the circle pit inducing razor runs. These dudes can play the part well, and do justice to the form but this was never music for everybody in the first place. It is very energetic and angry and should appeal to the genres fanatics with little difficulty. The interesting part about this New Orleans group is the fact that the membership comes from some well-known other bands. We have Marshall Black (throat), Sid Montz (drums), Frey Theiler (guitar) and Kirk Windstein (bass). These guys have worked with New Religion, Crowbar, Down and Graveyard Rodeo in their past and of course while mostly underground groups in their own right, they still achieved moderate levels of success with their output. This release is for fans of these players for the most part and for those who never get enough of the face crunching boot of Hardcore. Given it is an EP and Hardcore as well, this is not a long CD by any stretch. Two live tracks and provided and show the band sounds good on stage and an interview segment that one can enjoy on their PC.
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“Friends Family Forever” by Death Before Dishonor

Artist: Death Before Dishonor
Title: “Friends Family Forever”
Label: Bridge 9
Release Date:
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
Rating: 3/5

Following in the footsteps of Hatebreed comes Death Before Dishonor from Massachusetts. They are a band that serve up a no nonsense blend of old school Hardcore mixed with skull punching Heavy Metal and the result is a rather raw and primal piece of music. The drive remains close to that of any typical Hardcore group in such that it follows along with one steady time signature, which allows it to be perfect for any circle pit mayhem. It might seem a tad repetitive to the outside listener, but for those entrenched in the scene it is perfect. The band is comprised of Dan (drums), Dave X (guitar), Frankie (bass), and Bryan (vocals). Beginning to end this is solid and angry music, which is capped off by an intense live set, captured at one of the Hardcore shows at the legendary C.B.G.B.’s club in New York City. The live set makes the overall CD worth investigating especially since it was done at this now closed institution for this genre of music. The only downside I found to this part of the CD was the unequal mix on the vocals. It makes them overshadow much of the musical intensity. If Hardcore that tastes a little like Metal is your cup of tea then you will enjoy this.
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