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Happy St. Patrick’s Day From PiercingMetal.com – Keep It Green

As I’m one-half of the wearing of the green folks I just wanted to wish those who are heading out for some today fun a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day and I wanted to show you how we are getting into the spirit on the PiercingMetal site and Official Blog with our themed logos as well.


Now I actually don’t have many other “adornments” that reflect St. Patrick’s Day around the Metal Command HQ but I did dig up this little trinket that I secured once during a celebration at Smith’s Bar. So tell me readers does it fit with the other rings?


I really love how its broadcasting a Mexican beer on a St. Patrick’s Day themed ring. Ahhh marketing. It seems I am in the wrong line of work. Anyway, let me get back to editing photos and serving up the stuffs for your inquisitive eyes. Many thanks to our Graphic Assistant Guru Chris Intriago for bringing this wacky idea of mine to Internet life.