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PiercingMetal Wishes A “Happy New Year” 2021 To The Readership

Hello my dear readers and “Welcome” to 2021. Let me be among the first to wish you a very “Happy New Year”. We hope that it will be one that is loaded with good health (especially under the current circumstances), special memories and prosperity. We kept it simple and dry here at the Creative Command HQ this time around and got straight to mapping out some of the things that we hope to accomplish as the New Year gets into gear. My photo below is from Times Square via the television because only a select group of people were allowed to be there along with a small number of press.

It’s without question that 2020 was a terrible year in terms of “things” that could be done based on the Coronavirus Pandemmic. That being said I am glad to report that we made it through unscathed while many others were not so fortunate. We also chose to use the relative isolation of the last several months to keep creative and share as many ideas and notions as was possible to do with the resources we have around us. The PiercingMetal website posted more than 550 articles last year and in addition to our popular Facebook and Instagram and YouTube Channel accounts we launched a brand new focus we call Ken Pierce Media. Clicking any of the highlighted text will bring you to these networks and we would appreciate your follows, likes and subscriptions so we know you are out there receiving the transmissions. It is said that there is strength in numbers and I tend to agree with this statement. Especially when so many other creative people out there clamoring for your attention. With your help the Legions will grow and help our media messages reach the most people possible.

It’s my hope that this New Year becomes one of promise for you all. Thank you for your kind attention to our works, we shall surely keep the engine running for you when you need some distraction.

Ken Pierce, Founder and Lead Content Creator

Happy “Metal” New Year 2019 Readers

happy new year, happy new year 2019

Greetings my friends and a “Happy New Year” to you all. Welcome to 2019 and our now annual well wish for the months to come. This year I’m doing my post a little differently and have decided to use my Instagram shot from our Official Profile there instead of doing double the work on a different photo for the website posting. Also, I am using this across the board on both of my websites for some consistency and ask that if you are not yet following the Gram for PiercingMetal or PiercingKen that you click the photo and open our page to do so. I’d love to have you along with me for the many adventures that each of these websites will be embarking on and to have you look back on the stuff that has already happened and you might have somehow missed.

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Happy Metal New Year 2018 Readers!!!

Well here we are my friends, “Happy New Year” and “Welcome To 2018”. It’s my hope that you are on the way to recovery from a rousing good time last night with friends or at least finding yourself rested if you had a chill night. I waited until just past noon to get this online so my own hangover would be less impacting, oh who am I kidding. I chilled out on the couch and watched bits and pieces of “The Honeymooners” and “The Twilight Zone” marathons that were airing before I finally fell asleep. With the bright shiny New Year here, I’ve done my annual photo and offered up a bunch of principles that will hopefully guide you in being a better Heavy music fan during the course of the year. Check them out below.

ken pierce, happy new year

1. Upgrade your listening to the Metal: Sure you might love to hear your old Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and the rest of the legends but in 2018 its time to take a firm stand on experimentation. You can start by asking those friends who own a couple of hundred more CD’s or LP’s than you for some recommendations.

2. See bands in concerts: It’s without question that some of the giant acts are almost unaffordable when it comes to their ticket prices but I hope you region has a club that showcases smaller tier bands or promising local talent. Pop in for a couple of beers and to raise the horns. It cannot cost all that much to convene with like-minded friends for the sake of Hard Rock and Metal.

3. Give Two New Bands A Month A Try: They don’t have to be new per se, but new to you. I’ll even help you along with several favorites such as EdGuy, Ghost, Sabaton, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Eluveitie, Hammerfall, Delain, Anathema, Nothing More, Wednesday 13, Amaranthe and Kobra and The Lotus. As someone who enjoys all of these bands in some fashion, I’d love to be able to say that you were keyed into them because of our recommendation. New bands to your world will only broaden your interest and help them thrive. There will be a quiz.
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Happy New Year 2017 Metal Legions!

“Hails and Happy New Year Metal Legions and Welcome To 2017!!!” Are you excited? I know that I am looking forward to a year that is loaded with exilarating Metal shows and new releases. I should add that I am also hoping for a lot less entertainment sadness than we found hitting us in 2016 so let’s keep our fingers crossed for that. Over the last couple of year’s I’ve typed up a little list of possible things to do that will help you live a better Metal life and since we do so much of the Pop Culture stuff now in terms of the comic book and toy postings, I will work out some items for that side of the fence as well. Here we go.

1. Keep listening to the Metal: Your favorites are the bands that have kept you interested in this kind of music for most of your life I am guessing whether it be KISS, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or Type O Negative. Just keep playing those bands when you need to center yourself about the genre. I’ll return to this topic later on down the line of things.

2. Go To Metal Shows: Whether they be the big names or just some very worthy regional acts go out and see them perform in concert. It’s also recommended that you see the opening acts when its possible to do so for a couple of reasons. The first is that you did pay for the show so who wants to get less than their money’s worth and the second, probably most important aspect is that you just might see one of the next great things. Remember that at one time Van Halen opened for KISS and Cinderella opened for David Lee Roth and Motley Crue and Metallica for Ozzy Osbourne. Greatness awaits.
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Happy Metal New Year 2016 My Friends

Hey there readers, I just wanted to make sure to wish you a very Happy New Year 2016 and considering what we do here on PiercingMetal, let me say this as a Happy Metal New Year 2016. I hope that your 2015 ended without many issues or complaints and that the road ahead for us all in 2016 is going to be one awesome path of good times, great music and special memories.

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