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Zakk Wylde @ Guitar Center Union Square

Zakk Wylde will showcase his brand new guitar line at the Union Square Guitar Center today.


Tonight: Zakk Wylde @ Guitar Center Union Square

Hey there readers, this is just a quick reminder announcement about Zakk Wylde special appearance at the Union Square Guitar Center. The Berzerker will be presenting his brand new guitar line to his BLS Acolytes and you know you wouldn’t want to miss that. I figured with the musical week that we had here in NYC that it could have slipped your mind or maybe even some of you were unaware that it would be happening. Check out the poster and the press copy below.


The Press:
Zakk Wylde has announced a select number of meet and greet appearances surrounding the launch of Wylde Audio. Fans will have a chance to meet the metal icon in-store and test out his new line of Wylde Audio guitars and more. Join Guitar Center and Wylde Audio for a special in-store appearance with the legendary guitarist.

Wylde chose to join forces with Guitar Center on a new line of guitars from his new company because he admired their commitment to encouraging new talent and supporting musicians of all skill levels and genres. Wylde’s new line of masterfully crafted guitars includes three unique models (Odin, Viking and Warhammer) that are available at Guitar Center stores and online. To celebrate, the former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Black Label Society founder is heading out on the road this September to meet with fans at select Guitar Center stores across the country.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Simply put, there is nothing cooler than meeting one of the Rock stars that you admire and to do so for free. I’d bring some of the CD jackets along with you to get signed since that is always awesome. Generally these signings have a photo that is handed out but that is always while supplies last. So start lining up early to get the best spot in the place. Since I don’t think I will be making it I’ll be looking forward to your Tweets and Instagram postings. Have fun. My calendar entry for this event has the exact map for those interested so click HERE for that.

Official Websites:
Guitar Center: http://www.guitarcenter.com
Zakk Wylde: http://www.zakkwylde.com

Leslie West @ Guitar Center Union Square

Leslie West will deliver an intimate master class for all at the Union Square Guitar Center. Admission is free and there will be copies of his new album “Soundcheck” available to be signed.

Scenes From The 2014 NY Guitar Show & Exposition: Part 1

A few days ago I attended the NY Guitar Show & Exposition which is held at the Freeport Recreation Center in Freeport, NY. For you city dwellers, this is about an hour plus drive out of the Big Apple into Long Island. Longer time readers of the site will likely remember that we discussed The Brooklyn Guitar Show on a number of occasions and you newbies can click HERE to see what I am talking about.

ny guitar expo, ny guitar expo 2014

ny guitar expo, ny guitar expo 2014
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Congratulations to The Ramones On Receiving of The Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award

As a Heavy Metal music fan for more years than I care to disclose I can quickly tell you of how unimportant the Grammy Awards have been to me when it comes to my favorite genre.  They are for the most part clueless in terms of what they are voting on and who ends up winning (the historic Metallica loss to Jethro Tull coming to mind) but since that ill-fated event, the category of “Best Heavy Metal Performance” has been given out and usually hits the mark properly.   They also have a Lifetime Achievement award which was this year given to the legendary New York Punkers – The Ramones.  I had to admit that I was surprised about this based on their original misunderstanding about Metal.  I mean, if they didn’t know that stuff how could they ever recognize Punk Rock.  Still, they did recognize it and gave the award to the band so kudos on that honor.  The photos below come from the front window display of the Guitar Center on 14th Street in Manhattan.  I couldn’t resist trying to share them with the worldwide readership as I passed them by.   I admit that I was glad to find the center offering up their own honor by showcasing some of their historic stuff. Continue reading Congratulations to The Ramones On Receiving of The Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award