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Now Streaming: Marvel Studios “I Am Groot” on Disney+ (8/10/2022)

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We’ve already discussed how much people love the character of Groot from the popular Guardians Of The Galaxy films and if you missed our Official Trailer post just click HERE to be up to speed. The series of shorts called “I Am Groot” begin streaming today in an episodic fashion and I’ve reminded all about the light premise and casting down below the new artwork.

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The Premise: Each short follows Baby Groot as he grows up in the galaxy, going on adventures with new and unusual characters that get him into trouble.
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Marvel Studios Presents “I Am Groot” Official Trailer

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It’s without question that when Baby Groot first made a full-on appearance in “Guardians of The Galaxy 2”, the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn’t get enough of him. Now, thanks to the magic of Disney+ and its continued expansion of the characters we are getting a series of shorts in “I Am Groot”. Now the newbies might not know that this is all that Groot says and each time he speaks it means something different and only Rocket and Thor seem to understand him. The Official Trailer premiered today at the San Diego Comic-Con and you can check it out down below along with some additional information.

The Premise: Each short follows Baby Groot as he grows up in the galaxy, going on adventures with new and unusual characters that get him into trouble.
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Marvel’s “True Believers” Issues Celebrate Jack Kirby’s 100th In August

Hey there True Believers (I’m sorry but it was too hard to avoid beginning like that for this particular comic book topic) and we are here once more with another exciting edition of first-issue offerings from the Marvel Comics side of the fence. If you’ve read any of our monthly solicitations posts then you have most probably already seen our special focuses on the TRUE BELIEVERS line and for the newbie, these are the $1 comics that reprint classic stories and highlight special appearances of certain characters. If you’d like to see the previous posts of this nature just click HERE to launch the rundown of the posts that went online over the years. I don’t think that you will easily find some of the older ones all that easily considering the economical price, but some of you are true hunters and capable of anything when it comes to comic book collecting. Good luck to you if you are among this group. This next bunch of one-dollar special issues celebrates the 100th birthday of the absolutely legendary Jack “King” Kirby. Kirby was instrumental in the original success of Marvel Comics as the co-creator of some of the most famouse characters in comic book history (Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, The X-Men and Captain America among them). It’s exciting to find twelve editions to add to your collection and here is the cover art, new title and what it is reprinting. Every issue is “all-ages” suitable and spans 32 pages.

TRUE BELIEVERS: KIRBY 100TH – BLACK PANTHER #1: Reprinting BLACK PANTHER (1977) #1 and the Captain America story from TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #98

“True Believers – Black Panther” #1


“True Believers – Avengers Captain America Lives Again” #1

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Marvel Comics Unveil “Gwen Stacy” Variant Covers For June

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It’s without question that Gwen Stacy in her guise as Spider-Gwen is one of the hottest characters to be introduced in a very long time. In order to celebrate her popularity Marvel Comics will be issuing a big batch of Gwen Stacy themed variant covers. Check out the press release below along with the images.

The Press Release:
She’s smart, charming and she can lift a car! She’s Gwen Stacy, the Spectacular Spider-Woman and she comes to you each month in the pages of the critically acclaimed SPIDER-GWEN series! But what if Gwen Stacy had lifted Mjolnir to become Thor: Gwen of Thunder? What if she had been awarded the Eye of Agamotto, and battled the forces of the supernatural as Dr. Gwenge? Find out as she powers up for June’s can’t miss GWEN VARIANTS, as the industry’s top artist show you a side of Gwen Stacy you’ve never seen before!

“Gwenom? The InGwenible Hulk? The Mighty AGwengers? What about G.W.E.N.D.O.K.?,” asks Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “The possibilities are endless. As soon as the idea came together to portray Gwen as a variety of Marvel heroes, our artists couldn’t sign up fast enough. They’re having a ton of fun putting these together and it shows.”

“Just wait till you see Chip Zdarsky’s ‘Brian Michael Gwendis’ cover,” continued Gabriel. Gwen Stacy Variants will be available throughout the month of June, coming to these 20 exciting titles:

1. 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 by John Tyler Christopher (Gwengela)

“1602 Witch Hunter Angela” #1 (Gwen Stacy Variant)

2. Armor Wars #1 by David Lafuente (Iron Gwen)

“Armor Wars” #1 (Gwen Stacy Variant)

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Opening Today: “Guardians Of The Galaxy” (8/1/2014)

I’ve said for awhile that is was time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get more cosmic and what better way to do it than to bring “The Guardians Of The Galaxy” to the big screen in the teams live-action debut. Check out the poster below and then we can discuss a little deeper.

The Premise: I will not even defer to the film’s Wiki entry because their plot reveals too much for me to share in this new broadcast post but essentially the film features a disparate and rag tag group of unlikely heroes from numerous worlds and species. When Thanos dispatches a dangerous henchman Ronan The Accuser to retrieve an artifact that he needs they band together and realize that they can help protect the galaxy from threats of this kind. The trailers have shown that there is a healthy dose of tongue in cheek comedic lines to be found in the film but I am okay with that since Marvel always did have a sense of humor when it was necessary. I don’t think we will be getting slapstick here so don’t worry. I like what I have seen so far and I really enjoyed the original Guardians team that had Starhawk, Charlie – 27, Martinex and Vance Astro so I am hopeful that this does the task that it is supposed to and expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos where so much more cool stuff awaits its fans. Can Captain Marvel or Adam Warlock be far from making appearances or am I dreaming while typing this narrative for you. Only time will tell. Readers might be interested in learning that while the film is only opening up today is the everywhere sense, they have already confirmed that we shall see a sequel. I think I know where “Avengers 3” will be heading. So let’s take a look at the cast and tell me my friends will you see this film? What are your hopes? Please no spoilers if you have somehow been lucky enough to see it somewhere.
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