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Gretsch Day @ Street Sounds

It’s time to sling on that six string and enjoy the great Gretsch sound in Bay Ridge. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled free event.

Gretsch Day @ Street Sounds Music

Logo - Gretsch

It’s “Gretsch Day” at Street Sounds in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn as numerous musical activities and appearances honor the great Gretsch Company. This is free to attend and is fun for all.

The Romantics in Concert (6/15/2013)

In keeping pace with lending a little more attention to the sets performed by the heavy hitter players when they oblige us with a visit on the wonderful Gretsch Day at Street Sounds; I’m continuing with the practice that I started with for Fountains Of Wayne last year and delivering you an exclusive item on The Romantics. You can click the logo below for a little more insight to the performance but then come back here for some video and side stuff.

The band had some cool laminates for their staff and of course themselves. I snagged an image but was not able to get a souvenir for myself. Oh well.

All Access

Here’s Fred Gretsch introducing the band just before they took to the stage. It was exciting for sure. Can you feel it as well from the comfort of your home?

Fred Gretsch Announces The Romantics!

I snagged this great group shot of the guys after their set when they were just decompressing and chatting with fans. From left to right we have Mike Skill, Wally Parmar, Rich Cole and Brad Elvis.

The Romantics

All of the artists had photos with them for the fans to take home as a keepsake. Here is a visual of the one that The Romantics had. Nice and sleek for sure.

Photo - Romantics 2013 - 1
The Romantics Press Photo

Of course it looks a whole lot better like this don’t you think? I’ll assume you replied “yes”.

Photo - Romantics 2013 - 2
Signed Press Photo of The Romantics

The band also had signature guitar picks and if you have ever heard me speak about the trinkets one can get at shows, these are the kinds of things I like most. Many of the lucky fans got their hands on these this afternoon and I was fortunate to also add a set to my collection after talking with them at some length. I shot the front and back for you to properly enjoy them.

Picks - Romantics 1 - 2013
The Romantics Guitar Picks Front
Picks - Romantics 2 - 2013
The Romantics Guitar Picks Back

I was right up front and center and able to catch the two absolute classics that have long been cherished musical memories for me and so many others. I am referring to “Talking In Your Sleep” and “What I Like About You” of course. I am sure more than a few of you know these tunes. Enjoy.

Official Website: http://www.romanticsdetroit.com/

Today Is “Gretsch Day 2013” @ Street Sounds Music In Bay Ridge (6/15/2013)

Hey I know this is not a Metal event per se, but I am always happy to be able to support a local business and a friend and that makes me happy to announce that “Gretsch Day 2013” is here!!!!

Logo - Gretsch

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Celebrating The 5th Annual Gretsch Day (6/2/2012) – PT2 “The Videos”

As I had previously reported here in the Musings, just the other day out in Bay Ridge Brooklyn over at Street Sounds Music, we found the Fifth Annual Gretsch Day taking place. It was great to be in attendance at this fun event because it features a whole lot of music, interesting people and demonstrations along with the enjoyment of all things Gretsch. The affair was hosted by Fred Gretsch himself and there were a number of wonderful performances throughout the course of the day. Among the performers were the young up and comers of Foxy Studs, Paul Pigat and Cousin Harley, Nik and Sam, The Octanes and the headliner of the day, Fountains Of Wayne. Check out the events poster below.

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