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“Greatest Hits Volume II” by Graveyard BBQ

Artist: Graveyard BBQ
Title: “Greatest Hits Vol. II”
Label: Dirtcore Records
Release Date: 7/24/2007
Genre: Southern Dirt Core Metal
Rating: 4/5

You know that something has to be worth checking out when people are talking about it and when it’s focused around an independent act then you know that such talk must be justified when one takes into consideration the amount of already signed acts that can be followed and paid attention to. Such was the case that I found when I was told to look in the direction of a band called Graveyard BBQ, a Southern Dirtcore Metal band straight out of Waltham, Massachusetts who play their Hard Rock and Roll with a Southern vibe. During an area gig I snared a copy of their self-proclaimed “Greatest Hits Volume 2” and got to rocking right away when “The Clothes That Makes The Man” began. There was a solid and driving groove to the guys that I quickly enjoyed but I had to admit that I really found myself in search of a stage floor meant for slamming and dancing when “Cream Skull Boogie” came on. This number was fantastic and soon became one of my favorites. After catching my breath I found that ACDC’s own “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” was up next and the boys did it some serious justice and were to be commended for it. It’s not the typical track that a band would cover and I gave them credit for doing it as opposed to something off of “Back In Black” which has had covers done to death by a bevy of artists. “Ride The Stache” is another winner and gives you the groove and some backing vocals from their “BBQ Girlz”. It was fun stuff and from there I had to say that I was in agreement with those people who had told me in message after message that The Graveyard BBQ was something special and a band to watch out for.
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Graveyard BBQ @ Ace Of Clubs (7/25/2008)

I caught the guys in Graveyard BBQ not too long ago when they hit town for a show at Arlene’s Grocery. Tonight they would be a part of a mega show down at Ace Of Clubs (which is below a restaurant I always find time to visit for brews and great Cajun food). Readers who want to see more can scroll past the logo.

Logo - Graveyard BBQ

Artist: Graveyard BBQ
Venue: Ace Of Clubs (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/25/2008
Label: Dirtcore Records

The Graveyard BBQ returned to NYC in the middle of the summer heat wave that was hitting us and based on my previous experience with the group I knew that the already warm evening was going to get a whole lot hotter. Having caught the band very recently and written up some comments when they last rolled into town from way down South (Waltham Massachusetts), I knew what to expect from them and was looking forward to seeing them in a different venue setting. The last time was at Arlene’s Grocery, a place I rather like, but tonight would be The Ace Of Clubs which is a downstairs club from one of my favorite Cajun restaurants “Acme”. I hit the upstairs bar for a cold pint of the house brew and then went down into the basement club to get ready to Rock and was happy to report that the BBQ Nation was in full force once again. The guys don’t just get onstage and jam and instead choose to decorate the stage with headstones and banners that leave you remembering who you just saw. For me this is a welcome change to say the least and brings a better visual for the performance. When we last heard from The BBQ, they had come to NYC to do some showcasing for labels and management folks and according to those in the know they had done well in their eyes and were getting additional glances on this second go round. They were the second of five bands and when I arrived I had found out that this was actually the CD release gig for the headlining band Hung, but more on them later. The BBQ came out on fire and this is one thing that appeals to me most about their dedication. They are out to give you a good time and they also seem to be having a good time themselves.
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Graveyard BBQ @ Arlene’s Grocery (4/24/2008)

A phone call came in to the PiercingMetal HQ that said “hey man, make sure you check out the guys in Graveyard BBQ when they roll into town in April”, so with that in mind I marked the calendar and headed down to Arlene’s Grocery. This was a club I had been to a couple of times before and caught the guys in ZO2 performing and I did like the room very much. The band rolled into town with an army of fans and we snared a great spot in the club to watch them cook up the Rock and Roll. Scroll past the logo below to be see it all.

Logo - Graveyard BBQ

Artist: Graveyard BBQ
Venue: Arlene’s Grocery (New York, NY)
Opener: Noble Boys
Date: 4/24/2008
Label: Dirtcore Records

I’ve often stated that it is a rare occasion that one finds themselves with nothing to do on any given night in New York City and while this is not usually the case for me based on the amount of bands to cover I was actually free when the guys in Graveyard BBQ decided to roll into town and fix up some good old fashioned gritty Hard Rock & Roll for the Big Apple. The show would be at Arlene’s Grocery, which I enjoy as a small club because of the feel and sound of the place. I’ve seen both ZO2 and Megan McCauley here a number of times and was looking forward to enjoying some BBQ this time around. I arrived at the club around the same time as the guys in the band and their entourage arrived in what appeared to be one of those old time Winnebago things. The vehicle was loaded to the hilt with friends and fans of the band from their hometown in Waltham, Massachusetts and when the side door opened to let people it the sound was not unlike the bottle of a beer being opened. Everyone inside who was spilling out onto the streets of NYC had clearly enjoyed a fun filled ride. Of course the band and driver seemed fine but I had to laugh as I thought back on band road trips I had gone on and recalled just how much fun they were.
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