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“The Imbuing” by Gizmachi

Artist: Gizmachi
Title: “The Imbuing”
Label: Sanctuary Records/Big Orange Clown
Release Date: 5/3/2005
Genre: Nu-Metal
Rating: 6.5/10

Gizmachi have the distinct honor of being the first act signed to new label Big Orange Clown. This label is not only a subdivision of Sanctuary Records, but it is also under the watchful eye of M. Shawn Crahan who is most noted for his role as Clown #6 of Slipknot. Crahan had a heavy hand in the production of the group so you can count on it being heavy and well produced. The kick off to the CD is interesting as it blends Alice In Chains like harmonies amidst the pounding brand of metal they do. Musically there is a lot of great hooks and some interesting changes. I did not like a lot of the vocals for it falls into the growling screamer most of the time and this is done far too much these days. When singer Sean Kane uses more melody in his style it works a lot more for me. The drumwork laid down by Jimmie Hatcher is above par, lots of interesting time signatures and rolls throughout the piece.
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Motorhead @ B.B. King Blues Club (5/5/2005)

motorhead logo

Artist: Motorhead
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club – NYC
Opener: Gizmachi & Slunt
Date: 5-5-2005
Label: Sanctuary Records

There is no denying the power or impact that Motorhead has had on heavy rock music over their 30 years of existence. While the lineup has changed in respect to guitars and drums the material has consistently remained as hard as it can be. The cause for this consistency is clearly the work of that Ambassador of music Mister Lemmy Kilmister. So this evening when the Mighty Motorhead invaded B.B. King Blues Club it was sure to be a rocking night. The group was apparently closing out the US tour with this show and it would feature a number of classics as well as some newer numbers from their latest killer release “Inferno”. The stage was filled way past capacity with speakers where normally you don’t see anything. To say that this would be a loud one would be an understatement. The club was packed to capacity once again and stood true to the fact that Motorhead’s appeal did not fade from their fans. The group had only played this same venue a couple of months earlier and as a matter of fact some people I stopped to speak to had attended this other show. I could not believe that the mighty Motorhead was going to be playing here once more and that I was going to witness it in such an intimate space. I loved being on point with photographer Nell to do our thing for the now one month old PiercingMetal.com brand name.

motorhead, motorhead concert photos
Motorhead by Natalia Liaszkiewicz (2005)

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Slipknot @ Continental Airlines Arena (3/5/2005)

Artist: Slipknot
Venue: Continental Airlines Arena, NJ
Opener: Gizmachi, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God
Date: 3-6-2005

The Slipknot show at Continental Airlines Arena would prove to start with both an interesting as well as annnoying twist. Of the four bands performing, Gizmachi was set to kick it off and the tickets showed a start of 7:00 pm. On walking in at exactly that time we were told by ushers that Gizmachi had played three songs about 30 minutes ago. It is not fair to the audience who pays for the ticket or the band who expects a decent crowd to be there for a show such as this. Instead people were probably wondering why Gizmachi shirts were on sale since they had missed them and were unaware they even played. This band in particular is a discovery of the “Clown” member of Slipknot, so you would think the venue would allot some accommodation. I imagine it beneficial to generate a buzz in a new CD that is coming out. This cant help it at all.

It was also interesting to look around the venue and find it not overly crowded. Given Slipknots overall appeal to the metal fans, and then combine that with the chance to see Shadows Fall and Lamb Of God on the same bill this was odd. Looking inside the venue to the top section, one could see a black curtain draped around the entire structure. This means that not one seat was sold for the entire area. Now that’s a lot of empty seats and it would have seemed bad had it not be covered up. Also random scatters of empty sections which did not fill even at Slipknots time were very visible. I am not sure how or why this is the case, but we made the best of it and still rocked hard. Further investigation had me finding this was considered a scaled-down event, but I still felt Slipknot has the notoriety to fill this venue.
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