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Michael Monroe @ Highline Ballroom (5/9/2010)

Logo - Michael Monroe

Artist: Michael Monroe
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: The Last Vegas, The Dirty Pearls
Date: 5/9/2010
Label: Independent Artist

It really was an amazing weekend for music if you lived in NYC and here is how it was playing out. It was now Sunday, the day of “rest” and Mother’s Day to boot, but there is no such a thing as slowing down the pace when you are wandering the Rock and Roll life seeking to jot down notes about all of the amazing happenings for the Metal Republic. For many fans this was actually event number three of a three night straight concert extravaganza that was happening in this part of the city. Friday night was Finland’s HIM who performed with We Are The Fallen and Dommin; while Saturday was the legendary Accept and looking back on them I could not believe just how good each of those shows were. Of course, tonight was guaranteed to be a special occasion as well for it was the long overdue return of Hanoi Rock’s Michael Monroe. The legendary and influential Glam Rock singer had not toured around these parts in almost a dozen years according to what I had learned and this gig at the Highline Ballroom was going to pull out all the stops from beginning to end. Monroe would bring along The Last Vegas and The Dirty Pearls as his openers and since each of the bands were of interest to me I got inside nice and early to bring you the best possible information on it.
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The Wildheart’s @ Bowery Ballroom (3/14/2009)

Every now and again I like to take a breather from the pounding Metal and indulge in some good Ole Punk Rock with a dash of Hard Rock tossed into the blend. My chance would come when the legendary Wildheart’s arrived in NYC for the second of two regional shows and did their thing at The Bowery Ballroom. Opening the show would be Russo (who we missed) along with Scott Sorry & The Sinatras and J Roddy Walston & The Business. We made sure to take photos of all the bands that we caught and if you want to learn more just scroll on down past the logo to be taken to our article.

Logo - The Wildhearts

Artist: The Wildhearts
Venue: Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: J-Roddy Walston & The Business, Scott Sorry & The Sinatras, Russo
Date: 3/14/2009
Label: Round Records

I don’t find myself getting to many of the area Hard Punk shows and that’s a shame because there are so many amazing bands that deliver this kind of stuff right here in the City. Of course tonight would be an exception when I learned that there was going to be one of two regional shows by the UK’s The Wildheart’s. I was interested because I had recently received a release from the band and while I had never followed them during the heyday found some real appeal in the way that they do things. The band was formed by Ginger (aka David Walls) who was originally a member of The Quireboys way back in the late 80’s and with my being a staunch Metal head by that time I was not listening to anything that resembled what they delivered. Tonight’s gig would follow a show in Hoboken that was held the preceding night and as I wandered around the crowd it seemed as though many of the attendees here this evening had also got themselves to that show as well. The gig was being held at The Bowery Ballroom, which is a venue I love based on its layout and overall sound. The night was set to be jam-packed with Rock and Roll as well, with three opening bands that featured Russo, Scott Sorry & The Sinatras and J. Roddy Walston & The Business getting things started. Here is how the night went down.
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