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Prepare Thine Metal Self For “A Traveler’s Guide to Space and Time” by Blind Guardian (2/4/2013)

Logo - Blind Guardian

Some of the other media resources for Metal had previously discussed this, but I held back from sharing it since it was too far away as a release and now at least you can order yourself a copy (if you have not already done so) right from this posting and if you have not, there is truly no time like the present. I copied the entire press description from the Official Blind Guardian website so please read on.

CD - Blind Guardian - Travelers Guide - 2

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Primal Fear @ Gramercy Theatre (5/20/2010)

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Artist: Primal Fear
Venue: Gramercy (New York, NY)
Opener: Desdemon, Havok
Date: 5/20/2010
Label: Frontiers Records

In a historical sense in terms of the traditional Power Metal bands that tour around the world consistently and seldom get over to these shores, Primal Fear pretty much tops the list of those groups that you want to see making the US rounds a little more often than they do. Lucky for those supporters of the Heavy Metal way the band would arrive at long last back in September of 2009 and go over like gangbusters. I had missed that show based on familial commitments and was happy to find out that they would be returning without an incredibly long passage of time. As result, tonight’s show would be the second time in under a year that Primal Fear was making an appearance in New York City and this was welcome news to my ears since I could not enjoy them that last time. The interesting thing for me as a Metal fan is that while I have always seemed to enjoy what the band puts out musically, I was never much the hard core study or follower of their teachings outside of a couple of releases. My guess is that that was largely due to that briefly referenced fact about the band not getting over here all that much. Like many of the Metal shows these days, the event would be held at the Gramercy Theatre which is a medium sized venue that serves well depending on the artist. Opening the sure to be killer set by Primal Fear would be DesDemon and Havok. Here is how the night progressed.
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Helloween & Gamma Ray @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/21/2008)

The pairing of Helloween and Gamma Ray was nothing less than a dream come true for many of the Power Metal fans of the world and when the “Hellish Rock” tour hit NYC we were there to document it.  So far, September had been one of the craziest months we ever experienced in the role of Metal Media guy but we were still happy to be able to present our views and images of the fun with the worldwide PiercingMetal.com readership.  We shot photos of both groups at some length and those who wish to learn more about it need only click the logo below to be brought to the item on the main website.

Logo - Helloween

Artist: Helloween
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Gamma Ray
Date: 9/21/2008
Label: SPV Records

The concerts to attend on my planning schedule had already been rather fruitful with interesting appearances from the legendary Carcass who brought a bevy of supporting acts with them, all the way through show featuring Trouble, Opeth and the mighty Motorhead which was actually only last night for me. Yet despite the roster of things already done and being worked out for the Metal legions to enjoy – the very premise of both Gamma Ray and Helloween touring together on the same package was enough to make you tremble in your leather jacket even if we were still dealing with the warmer weather that would find such things in our closets for the next few weeks. They called this event “The Hellish Rock Tour” and it would thankfully feature no other openers and only be the two main bands. I say it like this based on the wide assortment of opening talent that I had absorbed over the past couple of weeks and since the longer the show the more exhausting it can be, I was happy to just see the pair of killer Power Metal acts taking the stage. Plus, with no openers to speak of this would mean a much longer set for each of the bands and one cannot go wrong with that. The show once again would be something that took place at B.B. King Blues Club and the venue was jam packed from the moment that I walked inside the place. I won’t lie when I say that I loved seeing that many Metal heads gathered together for the cause. Here is how the very exciting event took place if you were one of the few Metal heads that seemed to miss out.
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“Enemy Of God” by Kreator

Artist: Kreator
Title: “Enemy Of God”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 1/11/2005
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 4/5

Like a blast from a volcano Kreator has returned to us with a potent dose of pure and intense Thrash Metal and it proves to any unbeliever that this genre can most assuredly improve over the course of time. “Enemy Of God” is a blistering release that packs a leather clad fist punch to the face of “Nu-Metal”, and it demonstrates very clear to their ilk on how it was gone in the old days. However, despite its powerful opener of “Enemy Of God”, the album also takes time to showcase the influences of some of the music we see happening in today’s extreme scene. Kreator blends elements of Melodic Death to their song structures and as result we find songs like “When Death Takes It’s Dominion” on the release. Mille Petrozza has not lost any of his commanding delivery and seems to be a more evolved Metal presence today in the face of far too much of the same kind of music. The release has moments where it can be able to be viewed as a Metal history lesson based on the Thrash genre and where it comes from originally. Mille as a singer also offers levels of musical growth which adds to the appeal of the release and the band once again. It’s not all a shred fest or pummeling for there are some experimentations into slower more ballad type forays which might surprise you. Such a track is “The Ancient Plague” and while not a ballad like “Home Sweet Home” (Motley Crue), it does make use of more melodic guitar harmony and softer vocals than you often hear this particular band delivering. Of course most of the album is an assault on the senses and you will find this most prominently displayed on “Impossible Brutality”, and “World Anarchy”.
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