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Win To See Queensryche starring Geoff Tate @ Gramercy Theatre On 3/11/2014

Poster - Queensryche Tate at Gramercy - 2014

The Details: It’s without question that the last year or so in the life of the band known as Queensryche has been a tumultuous one and now there are two separate sides of the music fence when it comes to the group. On one side, the bands original singer Geoff Tate with a brand new band and on the other, the rest of the guys with a brand new singer. I’ve supported the group since the beginning and have chosen to keep this practice up with coverage of both sides and that made me excited when I learned that Queensryche featuring Geoff Tate, the Original Voice would be performing at our own Gramercy Theatre. Queensryche will be joined by Hurricane on this tour and I enjoyed some of their output as well over the years. Geoff’s assembled a high energy lineup that features former members of Quiet Riot, Dio and more and will be celebrating the music of “Operation: Mindcrime”, an album that reached its 25th year in 2013 – it is one of my favorites and you probably agree . My charge of musical energy was increased when the fine folks at Livenation offered up a contest for the readers of the PiercingMetal site. Read on below to see participation rules.
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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your……Queensryche!!!

I don’t want any of you Metal Legions to tell me that you didn’t see this one coming. What’s that? You didn’t? Well okay, I guess I should believe you when you tell me that you never expected that Geoff Tate would eventually announce the formation of his own Queensryche and start to map out his touring plans after being fired as the singer for the original Queensryche. Maybe I am just still shocked about that particular case scenario.

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