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Marvel Reveals “Death Of The Venomverse” Connecting Variant Covers by Dell’Otto

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The Press Release:
The SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES is raging across Marvel Comics with brand-new symbiote sagas and series launches, all leading up to DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE, a new series from visionary Venom writer Cullen Bunn and symbiote master artist Gerardo Sandoval! DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE will see CARNAGE rise as the new KING IN BLACK, but first he’ll have to traverse the Multiverse and savagely slaughter all his competition! Witness exactly what he’s up against in acclaimed artist Gabriele Dell’Otto’s specturly sinister CONNECTING VARIANT COVERS. In this monumental piece that will adorn all five issues of the series, Dell’Otto has depicted symbiote icons as well as breakout stars that have already recently made their debut in the pages of EXTREME VENOMVERSE. Plus, amongst the chaos, fans can spot the all-new SYMBIOTE SIX who will wreak havoc for the first time in DEATH OF VENOMVERSE #2!

comic book covers, marvel comics, marvel entertainment, marvel comics variant covers
“Death Of The Venomverse” Connected Variants

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Marvel Reveals “Miracleman” Variant Covers For His 40th Anniversary

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The Press Release:
This year, Marvel Comics will honor the 40th anniversary of Miracleman’s modern era with a transformative year for the iconic super hero. In addition to announcements for upcoming new collections of his groundbreaking stories, fans witnessed a monumental development in last year’s TIMELESS #1: the herald of Miracleman’s grand return! In anticipation of his upcoming era, a new collection of variant covers will show Miracleman fighting alongside some of Marvel’s greatest heroes for the very first time. Crafted by some of the industry’s finest artists including Peach Momoko, Pepe Larraz, John Cassaday, Mark Bagley, Terry Dodson, Jim Cheung, Mark Buckingham, and Salvador Larocca, this breathtaking artwork serves as an exciting tease of Miracleman’s eagerly anticipated upcoming new adventures!

The MIRACLEMAN VARIANT COVERS will be showcased on Marvel’s hottest ongoing series starting in September and continuing throughout the rest of the year. Check out the first batch of covers below and stay tuned for more exciting announcements about MIRACLEMAN in the coming months! For more information, visit Marvel.com (linked below).
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DC Comics Reveals “The Flash” 750th Issue “Decades” Variants

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The Press Release:
On March 4th, the landmark The Flash #750 hits comic book stores and participating digital retailers, spotlighting the Scarlet Speedster and including incredible stories from Flash’s past, present and future. This oversized tribute to one of pop culture’s speediest heroes is guaranteed to become a collectors’ item when it hits stores!

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“The Flash” #750

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