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Exploring Toy Fair 2016: Funko

Hello there readers and welcome to another post from my comprehensive exploration of the 2016 American International Toy Fair. I think this narrative marks my 8th or 9th post about the massive event at Javits Center but with so much to explore and share I have to do this properly. I’m up to the Funko stuff which I love to death. Let’s get started.


The Funko pavilion is always a massive space at Toy Fair and such a space needs a guardian. I can think of no one better than this larger than life Hulkbuster Armor Iron Man. There is also a giant Batman but we’ve presented him here on the site a number of times already and now its someone else’s turn.

funko, toy fair 2016

I’m not going to speak much during this post as much as I will chime in as the various lines come past us. Most readers know the characters being shown so I don’t need to repeat. These smaller figurines are known as “Dorbz” and they are adorable. Oh I see the play on words now. Clever.

funko, toy fair 2016
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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2014: More NECA Toys and Funko

Welcome back my dear readers and toy minded collectors, I am once again back on your monitor presenting the findings from the 2014 Toy Fair and with this fourth chapter will be continuing along in the wonderful NECA booth with a few more visuals of their awesome “Pacific Rim” action figures. Take a look. With much of this being straightforward I will not be chiming in all that much. Enjoy.

toy fair, toy fair 2014

toy fair, toy fair 2014
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