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Funko Adds Metallica’s “Lady Justice” To Pop! Rocks Line

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Hey Collectors! Have I got some cool news for you but first I have to ask if you remember when I showcased the Funko Pop! Rocks collection featuring the mighty Metallica? If you don’t that is fine by me, just click HERE to see that post and also find some links to purchase points so you can secure them for your collection. Yesterday, the band Tweeted that Lady Justice, who stands on the cover of their “And Justice For All” album will be getting a Funko Pop! of her own. If you are a Metallica completist you’re going to want this for sure. Take a look at the tweet.

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Coming Soon: Funko Pop! Rocks Series “Metallica”

“Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme Toys That I Desire!!!” So you’ve seen us discuss the fine offerings from the Funko folks in our yearly Toy Fair coverage and while the company makes a whole lot of cool things, their biggest seller of them all is the Pops! They are super collectible figures and cover so many different licensed properties that its safe to say if you have a favorite character that there is very likely a Pop for them. Over the years they’ve made several music Pops and have done KISS, BabyMetal and even Guns N Roses – Now it’s time to showcase their Metallica Pops and they are so awesome that you just might get “Whiplash” when you see them. Sorry that was terrible but check them all out below along with a brief bit of company press copy.

The Press Release:
One of the most influential rock bands of all time is now joining the Funko family! This series of Pop! music includes all four members of the legendary band Metallica! Add James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo to your collection this Summer.

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Coming Soon: Funko Pop! Rocks “Joey Ramone” and “Jimi Hendrix” Figures

Rock and Roll Toy Collectors are going to love these two new additions to the Funko Pop Rocks line of collectible vinyl figures as both Joey Ramone from Ramones and Jimi Hendrix will be heading our way sometime in June. Let’s take a look at these awesome icons in their Pop styling.

funko, funkp pop rocks, joey ramone

funko, funkp pop rocks, jimi hendrix

PiercingMetal Thoughts: If you’ve read any of my past coverage of the American International Toy Fair which I do as a part of the convention circuit of events I attend, you know full well how much I love the Funko brand. Last year they offered up a Pop of the great Lemmy Kilmister which I spoke about HERE in case you missed it. In 2015 the world found Pops of Babymetal hitting the shelves and they were so cute but you can check for yourself by clicking HERE to see them. If you like these as well you might only have luck in snagging a Lemmy as I’ve not seen the Babymetal ones in some time. I fear they went the way of the KISS ones that I never bought. Sigh but that is a sore topic for me since I am all about KISS. I will definitely be purchasing the Ramone one and am a little sad that we didn’t get all four members of the famous Punk Rock group. What do you think of these two? Chime in down below.

Official Website: http://www.funko.com

Exploring NY Comic Con 2016: Day Two, Part Three (10/7/2016)

Hey there my fiends, I’m glad to see you back here again as I continue along into the visual findings from the 2016 NY Comic Con. I’m still on the “Day Two” stuff and up to our third chapter of the presentation. That brings us to the 8th in total so far and since I have to look more into the other days folders I cannot discern how many we shall end up doing when its all said and done. If you’re just joining the program of presentations, may I suggest that you click on THIS LINK first since it will bring you a rundown of all the chapters that have been posted before this one. I find that it’s always best to start this adventure from the beginning and as new chapter get added they will present here as well. Let’s get this geeking out party started!!! I’ll be chiming in every now and then but not all the time. I’m talked out 🙂

ny comic con 2017, nycc 2017

ny comic con 2017, nycc 2017
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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2014: More NECA Toys and Funko

Welcome back my dear readers and toy minded collectors, I am once again back on your monitor presenting the findings from the 2014 Toy Fair and with this fourth chapter will be continuing along in the wonderful NECA booth with a few more visuals of their awesome “Pacific Rim” action figures. Take a look. With much of this being straightforward I will not be chiming in all that much. Enjoy.

toy fair, toy fair 2014

toy fair, toy fair 2014
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