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Marillion’s “Fugazi” Hits 30th Anniversary (1984-2014)

The milestone anniversaries of albums is really getting under way for 2014 as I present numerous milestones for the albums I have enjoyed for a great number of years and that brings us to Marillion’s “Fugazi” which was released thirty years ago today. Now I’ve admitted in other blog posts that I was NOT the biggest Marillion fan until many months after the “Misplaced Childhood” album had been released and I kind of went backwards after I first heard them since this was later in the Fish era of the group. That being said I had heard about the band and liked the tune “Assassing” which I heard on a Metal compilation release that Kerrang! had issued but I will admit that I never looked deeper into them at the time which would have been smart to do but oh well. “Fugazi” is Marillion’s second album and most of the tunes on the release were epic in length with two of the songs stopping short of seven minutes and another pair surpassing the eight minute mark. My indulgence of “Assassing” was often as I really liked the feel and vibe of its composition and how it appeared to tell a story. I would later learn that so much of the Fish works were tales that brought you to different places and emotions. Thinking back on the album I would say that “Punch and Judy” was another favorite and the albums closing two monsters of “Incubus” and the title track. All words were penned by Fish and the music appeared to have contributions from just about everyone. According to the written history of the release its title was based on the dramas that it took to put together. It was the first with drummer Ian Mosely who had previously been a member of Steve Hackett’s band. The original track listing is below.
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