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Volbeat @ Gramercy Theatre (8/13/2010)

Logo - Volbeat

Artist: Volbeat
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Dommin, The Sleeping
Date: 8/20/2010
Label: Frontiers Records

I remember clearly when the publicist that was working on the album “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” contacted me about the band Volbeat. She was so passionate about the bands sound and was confident that by submitting it to me that she would make me an instant fan. I cannot say that she was 100% correct because at first I had rushed through my listen and didn’t properly absorb it the way that I did on the second, third and fourth go round. Needless to say I greatly enjoyed the bands “difference” and felt that they would be something interesting to see in concert. I was able to see them open up for Nightwish a few years ago, and then had hoped to catch them doing the same for Metallica at Madison Square Garden, but the papers were not in order for me to do so and hence I would miss them. It was a shame because I really would have liked to support them on such a big stage. That being said I knew the band was building a rapidly growing following and it was great to see this taking place especially when one considered they really didn’t have a consistent “presence” over in this region as opposed to their homeland in Denmark. Fast forward a number of months to where we are today for this sold out show at the Gramercy Theatre we would find the band returning to NYC and bringing along both Dommin and The Sleeping for the tour. Since I was not sure who was up first, I made sure to arrive early to not miss anything. Here is how it went.
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Night Ranger @ B.B. King Blues Club (8/11/2010)

Logo - Night Ranger

Artist: Night Ranger
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 8/11/2010
Label: Frontiers Records

Tonight would mark my third visit to the halls of B.B. King’s in six days as they were really serving up the Hard Rock with some intent. We had a kick ass Y&T show this past weekend and a solid performance by Lillian Axe on Monday. That left us to the oft dreaded “hump day” where there is usually not a lot going on, but we would be lucky in the Big Apple for it was the return of Melodic Hard Rock champions Night Ranger. I’ll admit that even though my later years found me enjoying much heavier music as opposed to my mellowing with age, that Night Ranger’s material has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I had listened to the band since “Dawn Patrol” and enjoyed a number of its tracks but it was “Midnight Madness” that became one of my very favorite Hard Rock albums of all time. For tonight’s show there would be no opening band and I felt that there should have been since it would have given some up and comers a chance to impress the Night Ranger following. Oh well, I am only the scribe and not the scheduler of events so cannot help out more in that regard. The band would hit the stage at just around 8pm and kick it into gear with “This Boy Needs To Rock”; this is a definite rousing opener and shows that the band doesn’t need to work their way up to the rockers and can instead begin the set with them. Sadly this was one of those seated shows so the audience was not on their feet as the Hard Rock energy washed over them.
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Y&T @ B.B. King Blues Club (8/7/2010)

Logo - Y and T

Artist: Y&T
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Icarus Witch
Date: 8/7/2010
Label: Frontiers Records

Whatever the occasion might be, you always can be rest assured that when you go to see a Y&T show, that you are in for a rocking good time. The funny thing for me is that even though I have known about their music for a very long time, it was not until I picked up the role of Music Scribe that I began to catch them in action and this would be long after their initial heyday and short hiatus. Since their inception in 1974 the band has gone through some lineup changes but remained active in the Hard Rock scene despite a few years of hiatus before getting back to business. For the last few years we’ve been catching what appears to be the lineup for the duration as joining founder Dave Meniketti and bassist Phil Kennemore would be drummer Mike Vanderhule and guitarist John Nymann. Truth be told as long as we had Dave and Phil working together up there the rest would fall into place. Sadly, the news about Kennemore requiring back surgery and pulling off of the tour would come shortly before this gig would take place and filling in for him for the rest of the tour while he gets treated and recovers would be bassist Brad Lang. The show would feature only one opener in Icarus Witch and here is how the night went down for those who didn’t manage to attend.
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Winger @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/20/2010)

Logo - Winger

Artist: Winger
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/20/2010
Label: Frontiers Records

I probably said this before but I’ve always been more of a casual fan of what Winger does in the Hard Rock sense even though I owned their debut album when it was first released. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until the bands 2008 performance at this very venue that I finally caught them in concert. That was certainly an enjoyable show and the band was at the time supporting their newest album “IV”. The record did not seem to get the reception that was hoped and I myself viewed it as “ok at best” when compared to the musicians first and second offerings. Fortunately for all of the bands fans, Kip and company would follow up “IV” with an album entitled “Karma” and this was quite the release with a number of exciting tunes. The last time that Winger performed there was a band opening up but tonight this would not be the case. All we had was the music spinning over the PA and the eventual Winger set. To be honest, I feel that this is a little cheap for the fans with the ticket prices being what they are these days and at least a cover band of some kind would have brought some additional tunes and maybe people into the venue. After seeing so many shows in sequence with some being four to six band affairs I admit I am getting a little spoiled. Moving on.
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