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Scenes From “Free Comic Book Day” 2022 @ Galaxy Comics

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This past Saturday was “Free Comic Book Day” and PiercingMetal spent some time over at Galaxy Comics to see what was what. The video below was uploaded to our Official YouTube and some additional information and opinion continues afterward.

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Marvel Teases “The Dark Web” In Upcoming “Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man/Venom” Issue

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Those who follow the Comics postings in our Pop Culture narratives know that I generally stick to the full-on announcements and art as opposed to any kinds of “teaser” stuff whenever possible. However, with this teasing something that we will be learning more about on the upcoming “Free Comic Book Day” I figured it was important. Does anyone have a clue what “The Dark Web” might be?

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AWA Studios Reveals FCBD “Primos” First Issue

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The Press Release:
AWA Studios, the independent developer of bold and relevant stories from the world’s most outstanding artists, writers, and artisans, announced today its Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) offerings for North American consumers. AWA’s first issue of PRIMOS, the popular Mayan legend and Latino culture mixed limited series created by the all-Mexican team of comic legends, Al Madrigal (“The Daily Show,” “Morbius”, “Night School,” “The Way Back”) and Carlo Barberi (THE INCREDIBLE HULK, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS), will be available for free on Saturday, May 7. The release will feature PRIMOS #1 in both English and Spanish, marking the first time a publisher has released a dual-language issue.

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FCBD “Primos” #1

Deemed “a fantastic new story that utilizes Latinx culture and history for everyone to enjoy” (Multiversity Comics), PRIMOS is a groundbreaking 4-issue limited series that is one of the first to feature a Latinx hero. Written by Madrigal and illustrated by Barberi, PRIMOS was originally announced in December of last year. After the first issue was released on February 2, it quickly sold out across the country. Issue #2 was released on March 9 while issue #3 and issue #4 will be available on April 20 and June 1 respectively.
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