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Meshuggah Announce 2018 North American Tour

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There’s nothing quite like a little bit of news from our friends over at Nuclear Blast Records to make a Fall day feel all the more refreshing. Sure that’s corney but the coffee has hit me with a great bit of energy today so there you go. Check out this brief about Sweden’s mighty Meshuggah.

The Press Release:
Swedish extreme tech-metal pioneers MESHUGGAH have announced their 2018 North American tour with special guests CODE ORANGE and TOOTHGRINDER. The tour will kick off at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on January 23rd and make stops in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco before concluding at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on January 29th! Following the 6 show trek, MESHUGGAH will perform at the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise.

MESHUGGAH is touring in support of their highly acclaimed eighth studio album, The Violent Sleep of Reason which secured the band their first GRAMMY nomination for “Best Metal Performance.” The album also debuted at #17 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart as well as landed at #9 on the Canadian Top Current Albums chart. Watch the music video for “Clockworks” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube Channel!
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“Born In Dissonance” (Single) by Meshuggah

Artist: Meshuggah
Title: “Born In Dissonance” (Single)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 8/25/2016
Genre: Experimental Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Meshuggah has returned, well, at least they will return with a full album entitled “The Violent Sleep Of Reason” in October and the fans of the band are now able to get their first aural exposure to the works with the debut single “Born In Dissonance”. So how is it? I must admit that it’s a little tricky to first explain something by Meshuggah to anyone who hasn’t really followed them before and I’ve usually had more success with this after hearing the full body of work.
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Meshuggah Will Celebrate “25 Years Of Musical Deviance” In 2014

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Rejoice and let the jubilation that is the raging power of Extreme Metal music course throughout your very physical form because the mighty Meshuggah have announced a twenty fifth anniversary tour entitled “25 Years Of Musical Deviance” and it will visit North America for a limited run in a few short months. I’ve copied the press release from the Nuclear Blast Records folks and then have added in some of my own thoughts for good measure. Scroll past the poster to continue.

The Press Release: Witness history with thine own eyes. The ninth wonder of the unnatural world, Sweden’s technically intoxicating extreme metal quintet MESHUGGAH, are returning to North America this summer to celebrate their 25th year of musical deviance with festival appearances, Canadian dates, and clubs that will fill to capacity. Opening for them (on all but the two festival dates) will be North Carolina’s Between The Buried And Me. MESHUGGAH aim to play a very special 25th Anniversary set by performing selections from their entire discography & possibly include some rare songs that haven’t been played live in many years. Fans have the opportunity to vote for the songs they want to hear via MESHUGGAH’s online song poll: www.facebook.com/meshuggah/app_151503908244383. Plan to take time off your busy gaming schedule. Reacquaint yourself with what the outside world looks like. Drive to one of the following places. Get teleported into another universe. Enjoy the sounds, the sights, and the weightlessness of your newfound euphoria. You’re welcome.
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Meshuggah @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (2/19/2009)

Yeah so Meshuggah was here when Ministry did their “final tour” but the set was so damned short that it was almost pointless to go if you attended purely to see them.  That made a full on headlining gig with the legendary Cynic some good Metal medicine for the bands loyal followers.  Toss in The Faceless as well and you have a great night of music without question.  We were on point for this show and if you scroll on down below you will be taken to the full article.

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Artist: Meshuggah
Venue: The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: Cynic, The Faceless
Date: 2/19/2009
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

In some sense it has been awhile since we have had a proper visit from the mighty Meshuggah because even though the band opened up for Ministry on the bands “C-U-La-Tour”, they had been relegated to an incredible short set that left a lot of their fans wanting more. That’s of course assuming they were even able to secure tickets to the events which sold out rather quickly based on the hoopla surrounding Ministry’s last go round. One could not blame the Meshuggah fans for wanting their band to do a proper tour based on the popularity and acclaim that they were getting for their latest release on Nuclear Blast Records – the stunning “Obzen”. It was an album that continued to show why Meshuggah is as important as they continue to be for the modern Metal movement and proved that even after some six albums and a number of EP’s that they had not lost an ounce of their creative edge and not only continue to surprise the listener, but also continue to garner the respect of the bands that formed after hearing them. The show would take place at The Fillmore NY where I witnessed a dreadfully short set by the band when they opened for Ministry and that night the band played in almost complete darkness and for maybe thirty minutes.
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“Destroy Erase Improve” – Reloaded (remaster) by Meshuggah

Artist: Meshuggah
Title: “Destroy Erase Improve” – Reloaded (remaster)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 7/8/2008
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

It begins here Metal fans and that is the best way that one can describe the groundbreaking release from Sweden’s Meshuggah when it comes down to 1995’s “Destroy Erase Improve”. The exciting album gets a justified remastering treatment and this release comes to us “reloaded” with a number of cool bonus tracks as well. In 1995 the Metal scene in Europe was thriving, but over here in the States we were dealing with the dismalness of being bleak thanks to the “Seattle Sound” of Grunge where every musician in a flannel shirt secured a recording contract and offered up their personal malaise ad nausea. The exciting nature of what Meshuggah was bringing to the table at the time was sadly missed by a number of fans who would have really sunk their teeth into it and I admit to being one of them. “DEI” is an album that pummels the senses with off time signature thunderous drumming courtesy of Tomas Haake while the riffing of Hagstrom and Thordendal cuts like a razor blade. While the music offered up delivers a righteous thrashing, there is also a cool Jazz and Fusion feel based on the technical guitar diversity of Thordendal who breaks rank from the traditional expected run on the frets and instead demonstrates skills that one would not often find in a band like this. It opens with “Future Breed Machine”, which is an impressive introduction to the band for the new listener and also a number that is often delivered as a part of their live show to this day. The exciting tune is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the other offerings on the recording that while at some fourteen years of age is still a fresh sounding and relevant Metal release. Had tunes like “Beneath” and “Soul Burn” been released today, they still would have worked out well for the band. It was clear that the group was exploring many different musical dynamics across the board with this one and such is the reason that fans of not only conventional Death Metal, but also those who enjoy Progressive elements and Jazz Fusion would be stunned at what was being done here.
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