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Legendary Guitarist Frank Marino Announces Retirement from Touring and More

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Just a short time ago, legendary guitarist Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush, took to his Official Facebook (linked below) to announce his immediate retirement from music based on illness. I’ve shared that statement below for your review.

frank marino, frank marino mahogany rush

From Frank Marino:
With sorrow I am forced to announce my immediate retirement from touring, and possibly all things related to continuing my career, due to an unexpected and debilitating medical condition which makes it impossible for me to tour. I want to thank all the people who supported me all of the last half-century. I know that many were looking forward to seeing us play this fall and I was looking forward to getting out again and doing more shows, but it now appears that in the absence of a miraculous recovery, my Concert DVD (Live at the Agora) will constitute the last show I will ever have played. I ask any that are believers to include me in their prayers.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is some sad news and before I say anything else I am sending all the good energy and vibes for health in Franks direction. Oddly enough, despite my having seen more than 1000 artists over the course of my media life, Frank Marino was not on this list as he didn’t always come to New York City and the last time I remember him doing so I was unable to work out my attendance. I’ll keep this brief and not speculate on what could be going wrong with him. We are still dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic no matter what the politicians decide to do about openings and mask wearing and the like and I will hope that this is not the case for him or something even worse. Let’s hope that his health can rally (he is 66 after all) and that he reconsiders his retirement. Let’s all keep him in our thoughts and if you’d like to chime in with your favorite concert experience of his please feel free to share them down below in the comments section. See you next time.

Official: https://www.mahoganyrush.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialFrankMarino/