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Win To See Anthrax’s 40th Anniversary Livestream

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It’s been more than “20” months since PiercingMetal has offered readers a giveaway and this notice marks our first-ever event that’s being delivered virtually so it’s rather exciting that this is the path back to what we hope is a regular occurrence once again.

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The Details: In 2021 the legendary Anthrax will celebrate their 40th Anniversary and in honor of this occasion the band will be delivering a special livestream concert that is bound to be loaded with their greatest songs and most probably a whole lot of surprises. The virtual experience comes care of Danny Wimmer Presents and thanks to their marketing team some of the PiercingMetal readership will be getting the chance to enjoy this livestream for free. Let’s go over some of the details on how you participate in this giveaway.

When and Where: Friday, July 16th via your preferred streaming device in the comforts of your own home.
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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 3 – Part 3

Hey there readers and welcome back once again to the continued presentations from the 2013 NY Comic Con adventures that we undertook here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ a few days ago. I’m getting deeper into the Day Three coverage of the Con which is the Saturday session and the most populated. Let’s get right down to business since I have lots coming at you. I’ll begin at the Metal Sucks/Metal Injection booth where Anthrax’s own Frank Bello was signing photographs and meeting any fans that wanted to say hello.

nycc 2013, ny comic con, ny comic con 2013

nycc 2013, ny comic con, ny comic con 2013
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“Icon” by Anthrax

Artist: Anthrax
Title: “Icon”
Label: Island/Universal Music
Release Date: 1/10/2012
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

The latest edition of the “Icon” series gives fans of this line of releases a little dose of Anthrax and after the killer 2011 that the band experienced it did not surprise me to find it coming out. Right off the bat I could say that this is not a release for the tried and true Anthrax supporter and yet more suited for someone who has none of their material in their collection and is in need of a primer of some kind. The eleven tracks cover a wide range of releases but be aware that nothing from the bands John Bush era is featured and that is a bit of a shame considering how respected he was by the fans. Instead it’s a relative hodgepodge of selections that are delivered and a couple struck me immediately as “why is this here and not this other tune”. For instance while we get “Madhouse” and “Armed And Dangerous” we don’t get “Caught In A Mosh” and that made no sense since the band still plays the tune live. The band gets three covers on the album with “Antisocial”, “Got The Time” and “Bring The Noise” which I felt was fine since all of these tunes worked in the sense that they were supposed to. However why put “Belly Of The Beast” on instead of something like “Gung Ho” or “Medusa”? These songs were more important in the bands history also. I would have scrapped the bands revisit to their “I’m The Man” tune entirely or just put the original in place as opposed to singing about the time when they did that song. I’ve also grown super tired of “I Am The Law” which was their homage to Judge Dredd comics and there are very few Metal heads today who even know who that is thanks to Power Rangers, Transformers and other comic book properties that now command the big screens (and small). Oh well, it is what it is.
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Metallica-Slayer-Megadeth-Anthrax: The Big Four @ Yankee Stadium (9/14/2011)


Artist: The Big Four: Metallica & Slayer
Venue: Yankee Stadium (New York, NY)
Opener: Megadeth, & Anthrax
Date: 9/14/2011
Label: Warner Music Group

Ladies and gentlemen of The Metal Republic we were witnessing a time of absolute chaos because it seemed that indeed Hell had frozen over. Okay, so maybe that is just a little dramatic but let’s be honest with each other here for a second. When did you ever think that you would see these four titans of the Thrash Metal movement doing any shows together? To me this was one of those kinds of events that you only postulated about happening when you talked to your Metal colleagues while hanging out and debating this stuff and yet here we were and it was truly happening. Actually, it had already happened over in Europe several months ago when you think about it. Despite that, it was amazing to know that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax would be performing together under the title of “The Big Four” in the United States and after a successful event over in California, this evening it would be taking place at the home of the world’s greatest baseball franchise, the one and only Yankee Stadium. For me this would be the second time that I ever attended a show at this particular space – Oh wait, that was at the “Old” Yankee Stadium. Sorry friends. The running order of the show would be Anthrax first followed by Megadeth and then Slayer with Metallica closing up the entire event. That worked for me and I felt that all bands were in the proper order when it came down to the overall popularity of each of them. I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the Press Box for the show which meant that instead of being down in the swirling masses, that I was high above like the sportscasters usually are when there are baseball games. It was a different head for sure, but still I would be able to enjoy the event and bring you the scoop. Here is how it went down for those who for whatever reason on Earth would miss it.
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Anthrax @ Best Buy Theater (9/12/2011)

Logo - Anthrax

Artist: Anthrax
Venue: Best Buy Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 9/12/2011
Label: Megaforce Records

To speak on a more personal level for a moment, I have to say that this was probably going to be the busiest week that I have ever adventured into in my role as a scribe in the Metal Republic. I’m not complaining of course because it was jam-packed with amazing and interesting things to do. For me it began last Friday night as Doro Pesch did a show over at the Gramercy Theatre while Arch Enemy performed right here at the Best Buy Theater. Two killer appearances in one evening but I made the best of it all. Fans can read about those events elsewhere on the website. So here we were at the start of a brand new week and this evening started off with what was titled “The Metal Masters Clinic 2” and while I felt that it was a little slow in getting started, it ended with a resounding Metal bang but that is all I am going to tell you as the finer details are for another narrative that you can enjoy at your leisure. Now it was time for Anthrax to tear up the stage and the show came about in a very interesting way. You see the bands brand new album “Worship Music” with singer Joey Belladonna was out today and if fans purchased it from a particular Best Buy they would get a free ticket to the event. They got cute and called this “secret show” an evening with Satan’s Lounge Band. Given the manner and speed in which the Internet works the bands secret show was talk of the town in minutes. Somehow I think that was the original plan.
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