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“Famous” by Puddle Of Mudd

Artist: Puddle Of Mudd
Title: “Famous”
Label: Flawless/Geffen Records
Release Date: 10/9/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

When Puddle Of Mudd released their major label debut of “Come Clean” it was hard to ignore this Kansas City band because the level of radio airtime they received was a constant thing. Fortunately for the music buying public of the time a lot of this attention was based on the quality of their material and while the band was considered a “Post-Grunge” outfit they managed to win over Rock fans of many different genre associations. It was interesting to find a band with this vibe going over so well based on the genre itself moving away from the dominant side but it was good to see that they served as a reminder as to what made some of those bands special in the first place. You couldn’t turn on a Rock radio station and miss at least one of their singles on any given day at any given hour of airtime and then there was the fact that MTV and their programming still had large focus on bands as opposed to their now reality program driven angle. Songs like ‘Control”, “Blurry”, and “She Hates Me” were not only standards for their rotation but also songs that ended up being mimicked by local area bands ad-nauseum. They would follow this with “Life On Display”, and album that while generating two hit singles was something that I would bypass entirely based on the over saturation I felt from the bands debut. The sophomore release also found them losing two members to other bands and the inevitable creative differences.
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