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Napalm Records to Reissue Moonspell’s “Sin/Pecado” & “2econd Skin” Albums

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The Press Release:
Originally released by the band in 1998, Sin/Pecado became the great divider of the Moonspell wolfpack. Produced by their long time companion (Waldemar Sorychta-Wolfheart, Irreligious), the songs of this “accursed” album were signs of a rebellion of the band against the sound that made them famous in the scene. Instead of wolves and vampires, Moonspell set the compass to songs filled with electronica and darkwave moods that talked about the European Community or the love for a woman. December 13rd2019 will see the band, in collaboration with Napalm Records and under the licence of Century Media, to re-release their pathbreaking Sin/Pecado album in a Deluxe Edition; serving a sinful cup to our lips and see if that red wine has aged better or tastes sweeter than more than twenty years ago!

“Moonspell’s biggest flaw or quality, judge for yourself, is never to be satisfied with anything. Frontman Ribeiro says.“There was true creative anguish burning inside us in 1997, after we were done with the endless Irreligious’ tours, that created the perfect (shit)storm that would be Sin. It was a strange year for us, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, were letting loose and seemed to be also under the same mood as we did, or vice-versa. It doesn’t matter. Metal was turning its wheel and we’re all on the falling side. We took the fall and enjoyed doing it anyway. It wasn’t Moses dividing the waters, but it did hurt sometimes to feel alone. Curiosly a lot of other people entered Sin’s mood a couple of years later and now they beg of us to play those songs live. If you’re reading this and need another taste at sin, let’s indulge each other and pick up that second skin from the late-nineties deep closet.”
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Epica Will Bring “The Enigma Tour” To North America In 2016

Now here is a little bit of touring news that I was hoping to see happen sooner than later. It seems that Epica will be returning to this neck of the woods in the beginning of 2016 to make up the dates that had to be dropped during their most recent Fall run. Check out the poster and the official statement and then we can discuss a little more.

Tour - Epica - Enigma 2016

The Press Release:
Coming January, Dutch symphonic metal titans EPICA will return to North America for their rescheduled Enigma tour. This trek will have Portuguese metallers MOONSPELL as special guest and STARKILL as the opener. EPICA front-woman Simone Simons says the following about the upcoming tour:
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Moonspell @ B.B. King Blues Club (10/18/2009)

Logo - Moonspell

Artist: Moonspell
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Secrets Of The Moon, Divine Heresy, Revocation
Date: 10/18/2009
Label: SPV Records

This past Friday a dank and chilly air set upon New York City and just in time for the show that God Dethroned did down at The Gramercy Theatre and this led us into some heavy rains on Saturday evening that eventually brought us into a very threatening Sunday. There were spots of storms here and there while cold winds blew the damp air right through your bones. All of this was odd this early in October but in truth it seemed to be the perfect setting for a show like this one as Moonspell returned to the USA and New York City once again in support of their “Night Eternal” CD. We missed the last time that they had come into town because the band while opening up for Danzig and Dimmu Borgir would be on the same night as Kamelot, so we opted for that show in the hope that a full set of material from these Dark Kings of Gothic Metal would come sooner than later. The wait was longer than planned an almost a year to the date but since they only played something like twenty minutes at the Danzig show we were confident that nothing was missed which would not be revisited this evening. The show would present some interesting blends of Metal as technical wizardry would come from Revocation and supreme Metal Blackness from Secrets Of The Moon and finally some direct support from Divine Heresy. If you somehow missed out on this show, here is how the evening played out.
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“Under Satanae” by Moonspell

Artist: Moonspell
Title: “Under Satanae”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 11/6/2007
Genre: Black/Gothic Metal
Rating: 4/5

Instead of following up their critically acclaimed Gothic Metal masterpiece “Memorial” with an album of new material or even a live release the Portuguese Dark Metal masters chose to take us on a journey back in time to their sinister beginnings on an album entitled “Under Satanae”. The album features complete re-recordings of their debut release “Under The Moonspell” (1994), “Anno Satanae” EP (1993) and the single track “Serpent Angel” (1992) and while its not laid out that way on the album, the proper way to listen to this one would be from end to beginning, because it is in this fashion that you can see how the band progressed and grew as time went on. However, it does begin with the “Under The Moonspell” stuff and this material is captivating and heavy, there is a tasty Middle Eastern flavor across the tracks and with the presence of the female vocalist backup it becomes rather erotic at times as well. These enhancements to the darkness come courtesy of Carmen Simoes. Just listen to both parts of “Tenebrarum Oratorium” and see if I am on track with that perception. I had to say that I enjoyed finding the band doing this even though I originally had my reservations when I first discovered this was re-done older material. The hesitation came from my remembering how I felt when I listened to the re-done “Stay Hungry” by Twisted Sister, which I just felt was not too good. However, Moonspell manages to lure you into the Black Metal that they were once in greater command of before they morphed into the more brooding Gothic Metal side that they rule over in today’s Metal world. Their re-recordings seem fresh and while I was not a listener to the band when they first came on the scene I was hard pressed to think that any modification was done to these tunes.
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Moonspell @ B.B. King Blues Club (10/22/2006)

Logo - Moonspell

Artist: Moonspell
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Katatonia, Daylight Dies
Date: 10/22/2006
Label: SPV Records

The flyers and announcements listed this event as “The Nocturnal Mourning Tour”, and I could think of no better title for a tour that brought Gothic Metal masters Moonspell to the stage. Daylight Dies and Katatonia, the latter a band who had never made it over to the states before, would join the band. The event would take place at B.B. King Blues Club and according to comments by the band, they were happy to be at a venue that was run with a level of professionalism they had not seen since the beginning of the tour. Here is how some of the night went down along with details on the opening bands sets.

Daylight Dies: I caught this Candlelight Records act as the opener for Emperor when they performed at this very same spot and I have to admit that I feel this is a band that will not be relegated to the third slot on a bill for very much longer. The Emperor shows were jam-packed but there were only a couple of them, which made this a better night for the band as a whole since this would find them on a full US tour. Their set would be shorter than people who were getting into them would care to have happen, but a good amount of the material would come from their release “Dismantling Devotion”, its an album that fans of the Gothic meets Stoner Doom will definitely appreciate. I look forward to seeing them once again and can only say that they will impress many more fans in the future. Of this, I am very confident. The audience also found the members of this group wandering about the club to meet with them and to shake hands, always a nice idea at this stuff.
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